Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Red Mobile: sulit ba ang .50 na tawag?

Last November 2008, Red Mobile, formerly known as Umobile, was launched in the Philippines. It was purchased by Smart Communications for a hefty sum of money.

Rumors has it that Smart decided to buy Umobile for the use of its 3G license. It is a common knowledge that Smart Bro needs a 3G license to improve their services.

Out of curiosity my GF egged me (as if my own set of eggs are not enough for her) to inquire about it and here are my findings.
Red Mobile offers the following to post paid subscribers:
.50 Calls / text / MMS for red to red
It requires a 3G phone (which is expensive)

Things that should have warned me prior to using RED.
1. Rarity of prepaid load cards
2. No post paid plans
Despite these tall tale signs out of love or stupidity (frankly I don't know which is which) I decided to buy a pair of sim. It was fine for the first two days but lately little changes has been taking place (5pm to 11am):
  • Red to Red calls do not last for 2-5minutes
  • Message sending failed (even if with load) but the said text was actually received by intended recipient
  • My mom, who is on Smart, called me and the call did not last for 3minutes
  • Prepaid load cards are so rare, most retailer loads do not know how to load red mobile
I recall the Red Mobile Manual congratulating me for turning Red. My eyes turn red after using red. As a consequence of this. I have never been so happy to part with a Red Mobile SIM for free. Yes, I will even deliver it to your door step with a smile assuming you are within the vicinity of Cebu City.

The first to comment on this post will win a red mobile (guaranteed sealed and unused).

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Heroes: Are you values in order?

This country celebrates Manny Pacquiao as he defeated Oscar Dela Hoya.

I can only stare in awe. This country is celebrating a person who beats people to oblivion, as sports. We celebrate a person for winning in a 'exhibition' match.

We are more eager to celebrate the arrival of our 'national fist'; almost all news papers talk about him. When a Child saves a baby from a life threatening fire or a near death experience. Do we feel the same degree of jubilation? We celebrate someone for beating up some guy and getting paid for it?

When a Filipino wins a match his fellow filipino are quick to point out that the match is 'scripted'. When Mansueto 'Onyok' Velasco won Gold in the South East Asia games. Did the whole country had the same state of proudness as it showed to pacquiao?

When the smoke has cleared the answers are still uncertain. Are our values in the proper order?!!?

Monday, December 01, 2008

God does have a sense of humor

The Lord does have a sense of humor. Just as things didn't go well for me today. I felt rubbish for comparing my gf to my exes. Lo and behold I looked up at the sky. As if God said with a raspy voice 'why so serioooouss?'

I still have not finished reading WATCHMEN comic for the 2nd time. I love the works of Allan Moore, it takes 2-3 readings to understand his work. Its like watching a good film and being able to replay it.

Oh btw, in new year or a day after you will see moon and venus.. so its like winking at you.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Our lady of Oslob

The 150 year old image of our lady of immaculate heart of Mary, from the Parish of Oslob Cebu, visited the University of the Visayas today. The Church was gutted by fire twice, the latest was this year; all through out the 2 fires the church was burned down but the statue of Mama Mary was able to survive the two fires.

Rumor has it, the same statue was stolen, one can notice the conspicuous absence of the crown on the statue. Antique collector thieves preyed (yes they did not PRAY) on the image only to be found out by authorities, the next day the house of the purchaser of the stolen image was burned by fire together with the would be buyer. It gave a new meaning to the word: Gaba.

The bottom picture is taken from the back of the statue. People say that such is a miraculous sign whilst naysayers, pragmatist and atheist dismiss the claim of a silhouette of the face of the virgin Mary as pure coincidence. These are subject to the inquiry from a council of the archdiocese to determine the veracity of the claim.

I do not mind the truth or falsity of the miracle tag, as long as it becomes an instrument to awaken the people to prayer.

Be sure to drop by and say a prayer of two to the mother of Jesus Christ.

As they say in latin: crede quod habes, et habes

it means: Believe that you have it, and you do

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Movie review

Since I had very few students today, I decided to take a break and watch a movie alone since last year I seldom watch movies alone, blame that on the girl friend.

I find it odd that the new bond film can not be original in terms of action sequences. The roof top action scenes has been done before in Bourne Identity.

There are no love scenes, they just imply it. The ending leaves much to be desired.

In short, I am not happy Casino Royale is a better film than this one.

Monday, November 03, 2008

some of the best pic I have seen on the net so far

Finally found another good use for the internet. Pictures like these makes surfing more amusing. Great finds don't you think?

All souls day

As most people would have noticed by now. I rarely take pictures of myself, a photographer rarely takes pictures (pauses for effect) of himself.

There are pictures that I am proud of though. These pictures were taken in my father's home town at Maya daan bantayan Cebu (I was born in Makati thus I consider Pasay as my home town even if Pasay would not consider me as from that place).

The house, in the picture, is the result of blood, sweat and tears of my father; it is his house and not mine. Again, his blood, sweat and tears; Not mine. His house has a Pink motif; its like a huge pink doll house for girls.

I am proud of the picture taken on a sunny day, its wonderful what my 'old' K800i can do despite being old by today's standards.

As for the last picture, its my cousin, grandfather and my sister (from left to right). Mind you the left and the right pictures are of people who are still alive and is no way a memorial to them. My grandfather used to be that handsome, I wonder how he became less good looking as he ages. Kinda like how a grape becomes a raisin; which is what will happen to my testicles when I reach the age of 60. Let it be known that I really look up to my grandfather, although I have not met him personally I believed that he had the highest moral standards and better sexual prowess as evidenced by that fact that I have 6 uncles and 4 aunts.

Anyway, I hope all my loved ones who have gone before are enjoying a life in heaven. I hope to follow suit but not too soon.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


A few months back I cursed Timex but now I have to love watch republic, the distributor of timex. Why? Their shop allowed me to replace my timex, under warranty, with a more reliable brand name..


The response light twin is just fantastic although it is just 100m water resist, I love it except for the following quirks

When the digital time mode is off the light watch can not be turned on but the hands for the analog are readable anyway.

As a student of mine noticed, I have a penchant for collecting watches. So how many watches do I have?

Seiko Kinetic titanium
Citizen Eco-Drive
G-Shock G-7510 vibration watch
Adidas ADP1437 (latest)

As Humprey Bogart would say 'here's lookin' at ya, kid!'

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sexual Harasment by a teacher

SAN PEDRO, Laguna, Philippines—A professor at the De La Salle University, Dasmariñas has been arrested in an entrapment operation for allegedly harassing his 17-year-old student, police disclosed Monday morning.

Arnel Sanchez, 30, was arrested in an entrapment operation Thursday night in Cavite, said Inspector Agripina Batoctoy, chief of the Women and Children Protection Desk Cavite.

Batoctoy said in a phone interview on Monday that Sanchez, a teacher of criminal law,
had texted the student about a "special project" for her to pass his class.

The student claimed that the suspect had required her to have sex with him at the Four C Hotel in Dasmariñas, Cavite. The girl sought the help of the police, who set up the entrapment.

When they met at the hotel, Sanchez allegedly opted to have sex with the student inside his van, saying he wanted to save on hotel bills.

While they were in the van, the student made a missed call to the police as a cue for the arrest to be made.

Sanchez, a resident of the village of Burol, remains in the custody of the Dasmariñas police.


I do teach but I never did believe on special projects. Besides, a teacher who does things like that is really a low life. He either needs a girlfriend or just wanted to have an easy lay. I am just shocked the perp (perpetrator) is the same age as me.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

HB 5043: Freedom of choice

The Catholic Church started a signature campaign against the Reproductive health bill. I am teaching sex education in college.

I believe everyone should be responsible for the choices they made. Fact: IUDs, condoms are readily available but what makes me more suspicious of this law is that the government will walk holding hands with some enterprising companies. I am sure our local KAKONG-GRESSMAN and SAY-NOTors and other 'public officials' will have a share of the pie.

What I abhor is the Chruch dictating to the people what is good/bad. Freedom of choice, we all have it. Your life, your future, your soul is no one's responsibility. So If I have used Condoms no one can damn my soul to hell except possibly God and my girlfriend.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bells Palsy

One of my aunts suddenly had her face slide to the side, her face reminded me of Jim Ross of WWE. She had a check up with a general family doctor but due to her age, she barely remembered the name. It was until I googled (yes, its now a word officially) 'jim ross disease' that she recalled it's name: BELLS PALSY.

A quick WebMD and wikipedia later, I learned that the proper diagnosis is by exclusion. Eliminating all other possible causes for the disease. Everytime I had a sickness, the best medicine would be proper information to calm myself.

I urge any readers of my blog to say a prayer for my aunt, in hopes that she may overcome this embarassing disease.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Tales from the funny side of the class record.

I once had a student who incurred so many absences that I had marked her attendance as DROPPED, she came back to class approximately 2weeks before the semi-final exam. Pleading to be accepted back, her excuse letter only covered the month of September as the month of the Ramadan.

I wanted to make sure that if I excused her absences, I had the approval of the dean so I had her wait outside the deans office. As I talked to the dean, she asked me: 'She is a muslim?' I said yes apparently judging from her excuse letter.

After 5-10 minutes talking with the Dean and getting the approval to give her some leeway regarding her absences, she thanked me profusely and saying she kept praying to the sacred heart of Jesus....

Jesus Christ! She was 'muslim'?
My mind went blank and saw the irony of things.

I caught a student cheating during the semi-final exam. He didn't sound remorseful of him being caught and even had the audacity to suggest that I give him a removal exam to which I replied 'I have never heard of a student who cheated but was given a removal exam. The door of this class room is open for you' I said those words with a smile.

The caught cat left his seat. A student who was late of the exam, oblivious to the preceding events of the class, sat on hot seat previous occupied by the cheating student. I replied that he should find another seat to occupy. 'Bad luck likes company'

One of the subjects I loved teaching is Psychology. You can do a lot of crazy things with a subject that play with the mind.

I tried to demonstrate how emotions manifest physically by pretending to scare some student outside of the classroom. Much to the delight of the class, there was actually a student who passed by and was shocked by my 'pretended scare'.

We had a great time laughing... I will never forget that class!

Monday, August 04, 2008

The Archdiocese Campus Ministry

Out of the blue I found myself involved with the U.V. Campus Ministry thus my involvement with the archdiocese Campus Ministry. It was a nice event to see students doing things for the love of God and not in it for a passing delight like say a grade. I never realized that even if I am the biggest sinner in the world, I can still make a difference. Granted that I do handle some 'bible sessions' at the campus ministry for free, as I wanted to share my experiences and pains in hopes of encouraging the youth of today.

Sr. Milla Roco has done a wonderful job at the Campus Ministry and she deserves more than just a certificate, I feel humbled that she had to share the lime light with us, who are totally unworthy of such an event.

The good Eminence Cardinal Vidal took a special time to spend it with the various campus ministry volunteers/faculty members. At least, I know how many people do it for the love of God.

I will continue to serve, not for the interest of my sanctification, but for my love of serving people.

Monday, July 28, 2008

La Sona Petite Presidente

Annually the President releases the state of the nation. The new SONA strikes me as odd as it is filled with promises like a 5centavo per text messaging, allowing the poor to acquire more loans from the government.

I agree that people need money but I hope that you will agree with me when I say that financial wisdom is the main need of society today. Anyone can earn but the ability to budget the earnings to one's need requires more than just 'testicular fortitude'.

I asked my students to listen to the statement of the President, which lead some to sleep in a little as 5minutes from the start of the speech.

Again, pictures say more than just words so I will the pictures do the talking and yes REAL MEN WEAR PINK!

UV CAS acquaintance party

Every year each school has an acquaintance party. UV College of Arts and Sciences was no different from all other schools except only to the fact that the students are granted total freedom to determine the venue.

I regret that I can not post each and every photo that I had on my cellphone but suffice to say I had a lot of fun. It reminded me of the years that I took for granted. Time is such a sissy thing, when you don't take it seriously it flies so fast.

I am sure these students will be successful in their lives in the future.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

group sharing

I got my sociology class 3-4pm (at University of the Visayas) experience what it was to be in an Alcoholic's Anonymous meeting.

I know none of them were alcoholic's but I pray that they got close to their classmates better. I believed that we all have a monster inside of us.

We can only live if we can manage to open our hearts and pains to people in hopes that we can encourage and learn from each other.

Although the 'session' was shorter than I wanted it to be due to time constraints, I hope they had fun.

So here's your pictures and have fun reading this post of mine.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Death in the family

My entry title is taken from the batman issues #426-429 where Jason Todd as Robin dies at the hands of Joker.

Death is hard to accept specially when you think that person does not deserve it. I received a text from my Tita Luz that Tita Dalia died, I was having my class then and I can not help but shed a tear. How was I supposed to reply with a news like that?

I thought that I could have done better in treating aunt Dalia. She would often lend an ear to my family problems with my father; she would offer words of encouragement. I still remember it how she wanted to receive the holy Eucharist, albeit to celebrate my becoming a lay minister at a church.

Candelaria Torres Dublin died at a young age of 46, she was an inspiration to all of us. We will forever remember you!

Monday, July 07, 2008


I tried surfing using the address http://aljoriz.blogspot.com and lo and behold the site was about some bible and koran stuff.. Weird.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hypocrisy: part of society?

Go to Church and you see a lot of them.
Go to School, you often see them.

We are actually hypocrites, all of us.
In one way of another, we live dual lives.

The Philosopher Plato once said that man is a dual creature.
Everyday I try hard to live up to expectations of friensd,
colleagues, and family. At times, they are too high that the idea
of dying comes across.

Hypocrisy is a funny word, its almost as funny as modesty. The moment you say you are modest, you are not. Hypocrisy is like that but living with the crosses that we bear is all part of the deal.

What keeps people smiling? What keep them going?
Too much lipovitan, would not even cure depression.
I guess we have weekends for that, to relax... go over my days.
What makes students smile even if the days seems bleak?

I am almost 30, with 5years of teaching experience. Heck, when I said that I wonder where did that five year went through. I know that one day I will die and I can only hope that by living, I have inspired people.

For me, that is a man's worth... measured by the people he has inspired!
Excuse me while I watch Semi-Pro.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Summer and watches

With payday around the corner, I decided to get a watch that I can really call my own and not some hand me down gifts from my folks. So i decided to get myself the latest shock resist watch from Timex. I got it for 30% less than the usual price, all thanks to a friend whose sister works in the Timex Factory in Lapu-lapu.

I enjoy using it specially at night, the Indiglo feature is charming sight to behold. As you can see, I have included a picture taken with some of my students last summer.

This picture should remind me to lift weights often

I had an enjoyable class with them; it was really flattering when a student suggested the foto op. It made me feel like some huge bellied mascot from some fast food :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bar Result

I just got my Record of Ratings from the Supreme Court of the Philippines. All I can say is that: it was not that bad.

Political law= 75
Labor / Civil = 50
Taxation = 70
Mercantile Law70
Criminal 57
Remedial 71
Legal Ethics 84

Now my score in legal ethics and practical exercises made me laugh. I guess I didn't suck as much as I thought I did what not with a weighted average average of 64.7 oh most bar examinees fear legal ethics!

At least I didn't get an average of 74.99% which would be a failure.

This made me feel I want to give it another try but I'm taking a doctorate degree.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

A friend is a friend forever.

A friend of mine was able to reach me through this blog. It has been approximately 8years or so since we last spoke to each other. 8years ago I was not half the man I used to be.

8 years ago..
I a shallow hall of man,
I put premium on my own satisfaction,
I was selfish,
I don't drink alcohol.

8 years ago..
I almost died with grief,
I had TB,
A friend who listend,
A friend who cared.

8 years ago..
I was a delinquent Catholic,
I used to borrow porn (now I own some)
I have no clue what I wanted to be.

8 years is a long time to meet a friend again.
A long time to catch up on the stories,
the laughters, the chick problems of men
and how our personal relationship with our family changes us.

Few people can touch the lives of people and make a difference. I am glad to have meet my friend again. Thank you Chad Arendain for the memories, for teaching me the rhythm method (though unreliable I don't use it, I user my rubber ducky) but most importantly for teaching me that no one is too poor or too rich to have a friend and to become one.

I raise my glass of Brandy and gives a loud cheer to my Friend. Thank you, Chad!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our lady of Fatima

These are the photos taken during the visit of the the pilgrim image of the immaculate heart of Mary, our lady of Fatima.

The first picture from the left was taken after the holy sacrifice of the mass in her honor. I was together with Cebu's Auxiliary Bishop and Parochial Pastor of Sto. Rosario Parish Julito B. Cortes and I was flanked by fellow lay minister whose name escapes me as of the moment.

I didn't expect to help carry the pilgrim image, it was a wonderful experience. I attest that I am a habitual sinner but somehow the event made me realize how little my sins were in the eyes of God.

I am still trying to move away from sins. At times, I am successful then at other instances I am not. I can only pray after my death all my sins will be forgiven.

Truly the secrets of our lady of Fatima is without controversy. She made an apparition to 3 kids: Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia. in which she gave three visions to them.

a. The vision of Hell
b. How to save the world through sacrifice, penance and communion on first Saturday of the month
c. A vision of the death of the pope during their time. The third secret was revealed on June 26, 2000. Some suspect that the released secret is not the entire one as the third secret started with the words: "In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved etc." as written in Sister Lucia's memoirs.

Nonetheless, I must continue to do good and perform penance. After all I am no different from the inmates of BBRC, who are forced to dance to Michael J's Thriller.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Funny titles for a news

Before you continue reading please look at the message below and follow the link:

great tits coping well with global warming.

What an amusing title.

I saw that on my RSS, like most hot blooded male I clicked on the link thinking about how huge breasted women can cope well during global warming, I was actually expecting something on the class of a Kinsey report but after reading it ... I laughed out loud.

I checked the DIC-tionary and tits was defined as
1. [vulgar] Either of two soft fleshy milk-secreting glandular organs on the chest of a woman
2. The small projection of a mammary gland
3. Small insectivorous birds

BIRDS. Its as if BBC was pulling a joke on its readers either that or my carnal knowledge is way too much. But any good natured male with misconstrue the subject title anyway.

Here's to BBC making me laugh for a day.

It's a dogs life.

Isn't it so fun to dress your favorite pet? As if you are dressing your own child? I do love dogs, but I am not as fond of kids. Maybe when I do get a child of my own I would learn to appreciate their quirks and ADHD.

A few days ago I had my students watch THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION. Its among my favorite films, years ago it made me cry and it still manages to make me cry after more than 5times of watching it. Most of my male students shed a tear while watching it; who ever said boys don't cry must be a nut. The timing for the film showing to my class was impeccable; as I was depressed on account of meeting a successful batch mate who is now a lawyer. He works for the commission on audit.

Just like in the movie, we never know what the future has in store for us yet that is not an excuse not to plan ahead and have a positive outlook in life.

As a teacher, I can only pray that I was able to influence and touch the life of other in a more special way.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Comic Review: Trese: Murder on balete drive

The Philippines is not replete of great writers and artist. When it comes to the field of comic book writing Carlo Caparas, Mars Ravelo does come to mind. But as of late there are only a handful of great writers and artist. I have decided to add Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo's Trese to my own collection of pinoy comic books; which isn't tha tmuch as I only own the following: Arnold Arre's Myth Class, ZsaZsa Zathurna, Love is in the bag.

If I were to classify the comic book trese it would fall along the lines of a horror/noir comic book. We rarely see a comic that tries to stand on its own and making its own universe believable as in Trese. What makes read worth it is the price. At 140pesos, it does not come as expensive as the compiled Myth Class of Arnold Arre; my only gripe to that book is the shoody binding of the book after 5-10 readings the pages come off.

For Trese, the binding is ok. The art is in a class of its own. If you love stories of John Constantine and some shades of Sandman. This book is perfect for you. Don't expect a laugh out loud stories, this is not a funny book nor does it try to be.

Do yourself a favor and support our home grown talents like Tan and Baldisimo. You can buy a copy at National Bookstore, I got mine from the SM Cebu City branch; its a walking distance to my residence around a good 15-20min walk.

You can also visit their blog

Monday, May 05, 2008

The law of Attraction

I read the purpose drive life but due its one chapter a day policy, I was so enamored by the slow reading concept that it took me months to just to finish reading the secret by Rhonda Byrne.

As for the book itself the packaging alone and the marketing makes this book a runaway success. I just love the concept of positive thinking. The oddest thing about this book is how people perceive it.

Some thought of it as a new age religion, which obviously meant they haven't read the book.
Some thought of it as a great and inspirational read.
Some though the dvd is indeed boring, well a book can't bore you specially if it is expensive.
To some, it is just a quick rich scheme by the publisher/author.

In reality, the book does not present anything new. But the way it is written, as if the author is actually speaking to you makes it worth the purchase. Do yourself a favor and buy a copy of the book.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Family problems

Family problems are ever so hand to handle. They say its the kids that gives the parents some problem but as time passes by its the other way around. My tale is of the latter. The parents now gives trouble for their kids. I realized that coming from a broken family isn't all that its cracked up to be. From my parent's separation, I realized that you always had a choice.. a choice to do right or just go berserk on everything.

Most of my choices in life were good and some were not to be proud of. I am now a college teacher with almost 5years of experience whereas my sister is now a call girl (not a prostitute but a girl who works in a call center).

My sister's birthday is coming up on the 30th of April, hence her name is that of the month. My mom owns/operates a club in Luzon, that kind of club that you have girls dancing on the floor with bikinis on and teasing the audience using a pole. A business replete with the temptations of the flesh. Prior to that kind of business my mom used to be a recruiter of Filipino entertainers for Japan. When things went sour for her, she turned to local club operating. It has often been our argument for her to enter into a legally sound business, the concept of which is almost alien to her; after all Illegal dealings came with big and easy money.

I am based in Cebu, just minding my stuff. When my sister came knocking to my room bringing her cellphone with a SMS (text) from my mom informing her that the local electric company found out that they placed a jumper and is asked to pay 1million. My mom said to the effect of going into hiding. She said she didn't wanted things to go this sour and apologized for her specially that my sister's birthday is coming.

My sister kept on crying even in her bed. I did something that I have never done to her. ..

I hugged my sister, told her that things will be fine and mom can fend for herself. Hoping that things will be brighter for all of us. I kissed her cheeks a couple of times saying 'its ok to cry'

I know I have not been a brother to her many a times and I have miserably failed in this department. I just hope to make it up to her somehow, I can only pray and believe in the promise of better things are just ahead of us.

Filipino's are always happy even if they are facing the biggest burden of their lives. That's how I will be: Happy!!!

University + nursing students?

Cebu City

The school where I work for has been included in some controversy surrounding a video regarding some rectal operation on a gay to remove a deodorant rammed on his anus after a drinking binge with his lover.

As a teacher for the institution, I standby our school. Although it is true that some nursing students indeed give most teachers some headaches; I can not just lump all of them as bad. I pity those nursing students who spend their nights burning their brains just to achieve their dream of working as a nurse; after all a reputation has to count.

I am not privy as to the degree of participation of our student. For the record let me state that I handle classes for the Arts and Sciences Department, usually first years and not fourth year students. As a person, I am sure that our school authorities from the President down to the faculty members have exercised the degree of diligence and supervision required of them.

The current news regarding the mess of a successful operation on the gay where someone poked fun at him, and violated his privacy is that he wants 6million pesos as indemnification. The amount might seem to high and unreasonable, but a damage to one's reputation is often incapable of pecuniary estimation.

We can not put a real value to the humiliation of a person. Tempting as it might be to ridicule that gay. I have to look inside my own sins and face that reality that I am no different from that gay. I am a sinner, far more than anyone. If my sins were counted I would have gone to the depths of hell.

I can only try to live my life to pay for my sins of the past. Those little transgression that I have done and hope to live a life worth emulating.

I pray that we can live a life worth living and imitating.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sphere of Influence

I was on my way to class yesterday. When a former nursing student of mine in Philippine Constitution approached me to inform me that she has decided to shift to Political Science. I starred blankly at the floor after that, I wondered if I was a factor in her decision.

I am not sure if I have influenced her to shift courses. Being a teacher is tough, its like acting tough when deep inside you're as soft as a toilet paper.

Today I discussed the deviant behaviors on Sociology. Things like Prostitution, Drug Addiction and stuff. It is shocking to know that the youth these days are a tad wilder with things going on like f*ck Buddies, Sex Eye Ball. Things like that makes prostitution seem like elementary.

We all do have our needs. Be it sex, food, and spiritual needs. We are human beings try our best to fill such a void. In reality Deviant behaviors makes the world more fun, it shows people can change for the better if given the chance. The world would be a bleak, boring and generic place if not for them. They just need some affection, they are not any different from us.

Students glee with delight when things like sex are discussed but when I discussed why some people go into a form of addiction, they see an image of them inside it. We have all been an addicts to some particular form. It can be an object or any physical urge but that challenges us to stand up and do our best to change.

Change does not happen instantly, it takes a lot of time. I pray that I would also mature to become a far better person that I am now.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A year after can dreams still exist?

It has been so long since my last blog. I was filled with trying to fulfill my dreams to become a lawyer.

After graduation from Law school, I didn't want to take the bar exam immediately. I wanted to rest for a year or so but my parents prod me to take it. I gave up a job, had a fight with my father (as he wanted to get married again despite a valid pre-existing marriage with my mother, at a church just beside our ancestral home). All of those occurred whilst I was reviewing for the bar exams.

When the results came out, I felt a lump of sorrow down my throat. I felt the pain of going through studying for 8hours a day and only to fail. For some odd reasons, I heard J. Timberlake's song 'Cry Me a River'

I used to work for Royal Christian College and our slogan was 'make your dreams into a reality' sadly mine didn't.

Looking back them I am just thankful. After the bar exams, finding a job during the October, of last year, is among the most difficult times for employment what not with the up coming Christmas. I am just happy that I was able to land another dream job, teaching in an actual University. I landed a teaching job at my alma matter (University of the Visayas), teaching college students is a joy and at the same time a frustration. Last year, I can still imagine how those student can easily back stab someone who is doing a good job. I still teach Philosophy but now I also handle sex education... Crazy as those books I kept buying like the Joy of Sex is indeed useful.

I also can't believe I have a girl already. True, I shouldn't compare an ex to a current gf. Marriage plans? I am not so keen as I want to see how things would go. I am tired of being in a relationship, dream of marrying and just when things are going great BAM! your go your separate ways cue in a song entitled 'Tell me where did I go wrong?'

With this post I want to renew my commitment to blogging and posting my thoughts, here's to me coming back!