Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A year after can dreams still exist?

It has been so long since my last blog. I was filled with trying to fulfill my dreams to become a lawyer.

After graduation from Law school, I didn't want to take the bar exam immediately. I wanted to rest for a year or so but my parents prod me to take it. I gave up a job, had a fight with my father (as he wanted to get married again despite a valid pre-existing marriage with my mother, at a church just beside our ancestral home). All of those occurred whilst I was reviewing for the bar exams.

When the results came out, I felt a lump of sorrow down my throat. I felt the pain of going through studying for 8hours a day and only to fail. For some odd reasons, I heard J. Timberlake's song 'Cry Me a River'

I used to work for Royal Christian College and our slogan was 'make your dreams into a reality' sadly mine didn't.

Looking back them I am just thankful. After the bar exams, finding a job during the October, of last year, is among the most difficult times for employment what not with the up coming Christmas. I am just happy that I was able to land another dream job, teaching in an actual University. I landed a teaching job at my alma matter (University of the Visayas), teaching college students is a joy and at the same time a frustration. Last year, I can still imagine how those student can easily back stab someone who is doing a good job. I still teach Philosophy but now I also handle sex education... Crazy as those books I kept buying like the Joy of Sex is indeed useful.

I also can't believe I have a girl already. True, I shouldn't compare an ex to a current gf. Marriage plans? I am not so keen as I want to see how things would go. I am tired of being in a relationship, dream of marrying and just when things are going great BAM! your go your separate ways cue in a song entitled 'Tell me where did I go wrong?'

With this post I want to renew my commitment to blogging and posting my thoughts, here's to me coming back!

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