Monday, July 14, 2008

Death in the family

My entry title is taken from the batman issues #426-429 where Jason Todd as Robin dies at the hands of Joker.

Death is hard to accept specially when you think that person does not deserve it. I received a text from my Tita Luz that Tita Dalia died, I was having my class then and I can not help but shed a tear. How was I supposed to reply with a news like that?

I thought that I could have done better in treating aunt Dalia. She would often lend an ear to my family problems with my father; she would offer words of encouragement. I still remember it how she wanted to receive the holy Eucharist, albeit to celebrate my becoming a lay minister at a church.

Candelaria Torres Dublin died at a young age of 46, she was an inspiration to all of us. We will forever remember you!

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