Friday, April 25, 2008

Family problems

Family problems are ever so hand to handle. They say its the kids that gives the parents some problem but as time passes by its the other way around. My tale is of the latter. The parents now gives trouble for their kids. I realized that coming from a broken family isn't all that its cracked up to be. From my parent's separation, I realized that you always had a choice.. a choice to do right or just go berserk on everything.

Most of my choices in life were good and some were not to be proud of. I am now a college teacher with almost 5years of experience whereas my sister is now a call girl (not a prostitute but a girl who works in a call center).

My sister's birthday is coming up on the 30th of April, hence her name is that of the month. My mom owns/operates a club in Luzon, that kind of club that you have girls dancing on the floor with bikinis on and teasing the audience using a pole. A business replete with the temptations of the flesh. Prior to that kind of business my mom used to be a recruiter of Filipino entertainers for Japan. When things went sour for her, she turned to local club operating. It has often been our argument for her to enter into a legally sound business, the concept of which is almost alien to her; after all Illegal dealings came with big and easy money.

I am based in Cebu, just minding my stuff. When my sister came knocking to my room bringing her cellphone with a SMS (text) from my mom informing her that the local electric company found out that they placed a jumper and is asked to pay 1million. My mom said to the effect of going into hiding. She said she didn't wanted things to go this sour and apologized for her specially that my sister's birthday is coming.

My sister kept on crying even in her bed. I did something that I have never done to her. ..

I hugged my sister, told her that things will be fine and mom can fend for herself. Hoping that things will be brighter for all of us. I kissed her cheeks a couple of times saying 'its ok to cry'

I know I have not been a brother to her many a times and I have miserably failed in this department. I just hope to make it up to her somehow, I can only pray and believe in the promise of better things are just ahead of us.

Filipino's are always happy even if they are facing the biggest burden of their lives. That's how I will be: Happy!!!

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  1. Aljoriz,

    I got the same call you from your Mom asking for money. I am her half-sister living in the US. I don't have that kind of money to help her and yes, she can fend for herself. We have told her for yrs. to go into a business that is legal. This is what I always tell my kids: throughout your life, you must live a truthful life, there is no other way.

    Tita Risa
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