Saturday, July 25, 2009

Prelims: the start of cheating

Prelims are the start of the cheating in every colleges. I do get tired to reminding students that 'God is watching you from a distance'. Maybe it is human nature to do the short cut to things? I will not identify the students in the accompanying photo as such is a common sight to be hold. I will however pray that they would learn the value of honesty.

I have no plans of reporting cheating students to their respective Deans; it would merely be an exercise in futility.

I have never failed a student who gave his best in class even if his best is not the up to par.

On a side note nearly 50% passed the nursing board exam, the top notcher is from Verallo Memorial Foundation! I can hear you ask: 'Where is zat?' its at BOGO, a northern province of Cebu. This proves that urban and rural student are on the same learning plane.

Since my pop hails from Daan Bantayan, the northern most town of Cebu, I wonder if its not too late for me to change careers he he he.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blood donation

Only 25% of my class are based at the main campus, the other 75% I spend them at the Banilad college of nursing of U.V. When I reminiscence of my early pre-college days, I am amused by the fact that I was not able to enter a pre-med course yet here I am teaching nursing students. Life has some wicked sense of humor.

Today, Red Cross visited U.V. Banilad for a blood letting activity. I would have loved to give my blood but I had made a donation last month so I am precluded to donate until August. I took the liberty to take the photos of these courageous female students. They withstood the prying eyes of their classmate whilst donating. To give you a mental image, imagine all of your classmates peering down on you as if you were some amphibious creature to be dissected.

Despite it all these ladies are heroes in their own right. Willing to sacrifice their blood (not menstrual) for the sake of giving life to their fellowmen. Now, if only I can remember if they were my students. We need more people like them. The picture begs some caption but I am keeping my comic side away. This is their day!

I have no doubt that they will have the best sleep. Sweet dreams are made of these and who am I to disagree?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Updates on H1N1 and dengue seminar

The U.V. college of nursing sponsored a seminar on the updates about a(h1n1) and dengue fever. The over capacity crowd at the U.V. Inday Pining Teatro were able to combat those disease through the use of proper information dissemination.

The resource speaker was Dr. Faith Villanueva, if I am not mistaken. I had my students in Polsci 114/8 attend the said activity. The accompanying picture is that of my students who were seated at the back part of the AVR.

Is that for the purpose of being the first to go out once the event has folded up? he he he

BTW for the real origin of A(H1N1) virus kindly view my post last May entitled "Swine Flu: Origins" click here.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

History1 TTh video drama.

Once upon a time, students were forced by their 'totalitarian' teacher to role play 'pamalaye' in their class. The result was a laugh-a-ton of entertainment here is a very short 'sweet' scenes from the school activity. Sir Galeon, who is dramatic thespian, would be proud of them

History1: ka drama baya nila

I would have wanted to add some photoshoped ballon on these wonderful picture of my students in action. However, I am so LAZY as of the moment. I would upload the wacky vids later, if I am not lazy enough. In the meantime enjoy this pictures. I love the picture at the middle, did they have some brokeback mountain moment whilst viewing the drama?

These photos were taken the spirit of fun. I apologize to students whose pictures were taken w/o their permission. Next time I would seek the approval of your talent managers he he
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Monday, July 13, 2009

New U.V. Main campus wash area

In response to the global awareness of hand washing as a means to prevent the spread of diseases, the University of the Visayas has installed 2 new wash area. It is equipped with a anti-bacterial soap. Students, personnel and faculties alike are reminded to wash their hands.

Make use of the facilities of your school!!!

My favorite aunt

Due to some back problems I can no longer go jogging with my favorite aunt and my dalmatian. I can only pray that my pain is not forever. In the meantime, here is a picture of my favorite aunt.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Love team of the semester

History 1 MW 6:30-8pm
I required my students to re-enact the traditional pamahinkan or pamalaye. Needless to say I am amused and awe how some students gave their best, I am also flabbergasted at how some students do not seem to care for group dynamics. To each his own, I guess.

I can't help but post a pic of these 'perfect couple' who played lovers in a class activity. They just seem so photogenic together he he anyway enjoy the picture for now!