Friday, December 03, 2010

NSTP Role Playing Game

Rinoa Lionheart? Aeris? Eat your heart out with this spunky 40sec vids (not all of us has more than 1MB internet account right?)


For the remanding groups, I apologize as I was busy writing the names to be submitted to the MIS hence I was not able to scandalize your performances.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Research Works for TTH

This post is for my TTH class 2nd Sem 2010

Answer in 1/2 CW Yellow Pad. You must research at the library as attendance will be checked by the checker.

Research the following:
1. Word origin of the Philippines
2. Theories on the origin of the Philippine Islands

1. What are the contributions of Socrates, Aristotle and Plato to Philosophy?
2. Why is Philosophy the queen of all sciences?

1. Relationship of Psychology to the other sciences

Sunday, October 17, 2010

End of the Semester

I haven't been posting much due to a truck load of test papers.

This semester was among the best semesters I had. The students are great, I couldn't ask for more.

To all my students, my sincerest thank you for bearing with my attitude and being kind enough to me.

I hope that all your dreams will come true. So reach for that impossible dream and make it a reality!

See you next semester on a different subject or just see you around the campus.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Update Philo notes

Here is the download for the new Philo notes. Enjoy your long weekend!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Philo notes for Chapters 8-9

Now if it seems that I am spoon feeding my students. I think of it as breast feeding, they are sucking my nipples as they study. Somehow that thought comforts me in a rough day, seeing beautiful women and imagining them.... but I disgress, so go download before I paint my face white and say: " serious?"

For the internet idiots: click on the download word found on this post

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

August 13 classes

Due to the mandatory 2-day TESOL conference for CAS teachers. I regret that we will not be having classes on August 13.

For Philo7 Student's:
hold on to your tickets and make sure to download the new notes on Philosophy. The coverage for the midterm chapters 6-7. On August 20, We will be having a midterm exam and quiz. Sorry but time is very short; I hope for your understanding.

coverage will be given on 20th of August as well as discussion. Midterm will be on the 27th of August.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Philo7 notes chpt6-7

Click here to download

The link is for the notes for Philo Chapters 6-7. Go and Download it now. The old chapter 6 notes is now gone, so use the link above to download.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Philo7 notes chptr6 only

As a side effect of watching INCEPTION, I was only able to make the notes for Chapter6 only. The ideas of that film left my mind numbed.

Here is the link for the file

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Film showing: fireproof

Among the best films I have seen with my GF. My students saw it and they cried. It teaches more than just Christianity but has some nuggets on Philosophy too. Be sure to drop by

Friday, July 02, 2010

Philo7 Notes

here is my note summary for Chapters 1-3 of the book "Intro to Philosophy through the philosophy of man". Students can use this as resource material for the TEUS exam. Click on the link

DPE: Facilitating Learning1

here is the link for the 1st file

Monday, June 28, 2010

Education presentation

For my classmates in DPE here is the link for My Presentation

Thank you for lifting up my spirits in time of great depression!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Surfing 101: privacy protection.

Rule of thumb:

a. do NOT access your email, facebook, forums on a public Internet connection. Internet cafe or Wi-Fi hot spots are prime targets for hacking. So beware.

b. If you received a message that a friend is asking this money for whatever reasons. Throw it away! A friend in need will personally knock at your door to seek your help.

c. Be aware whatever you post can be read by anyone.

d. Be kind to people.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our DPE Classmates in action

I recently found out that I can't complete the Ed.D. Program w/o 21 units in Education thus I immediately enrolled in DPE Night classes at UV. I felt like I was a zombie at the end of the day. Thankfully my classmates are so fun to be with that I don't feel as old as I am.

Here's a list of the contact numbers of our friends that you can add to your cell.
Text them if you are absent j3 j3 j3 j3

Millon, Melody                     09056980499
Pasamanero, Arriane          09217512144
Taburada, Ramel                 09235716705
Lagutom, Susana                 09106171056
Maghanoy, Darling              09075703259
Tesiorna, Ma. Josefina         09225737739
Pepito, Ma. Theresa             09266071544
Labrada, Jeath                      09234272143
Cantillas, Adeline                  09335414053
Cerojano, Armida                 09184189859
Jaranilla, Ana                        09282082368
Cuambot, Chloe                    09289429549
Mata, Maria Rubie               09224836101
Mangubat, Randy                 09087743527
The Green Dublin                 09166664253
NOTE: this is for the use of my classmates only, text-pal request shall be ignored to the max.

EDP Students in action



Sunday, June 20, 2010

First Week of A.Y. 1st Sem 2010

A lot changes were starting this semester in U.V. like
  • Old Student  started attending their classes
  • Classrooms are assigned by Department
  • MW and TTh Schedules were retained (YES!!)
I look forward to seeing new faces and hopefully inspiring people.  So If you are a student of mine be prepared for an enjoyable semester.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Debate, brother at sister!

 Here are some of the Photos taken of my students in their debate.  For the videos, I will upload them in Facebook.  So kindly add my name but make sure to inform me that you are my student so I will not ignore your request.  

Thank you everyone, you made my day!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Pathetic 2010 elections

My beef with the election is not so much on the manner but on the procedure.

The BEI (Board of Election Inspectors) decided adding "priority numbers" to the process of election.  It resulted to frustration and long queues, most of my relatives decided to forgo voting as it is not worth the hassle.

Clearly the teachers didn't expect a massive turnout of voters.  At least I can say that I was part of history.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Joliclould pre-beta: review

If you happen to have a laptop, you would be hard pressed to look for a windows alternative OS.  Linux has over 1,000+ distro to choose from ubuntu, openSUSE, linux mint and more.  This review focuses on Jolicloud.

Created by Tariq Krim, which focuses on making a laptop centered linux distro.  Can it compete with Ubuntu Netbook? Easy peasy? read on. 

Test machine: Asus EEEpc 1005ha. 

Most linux distro lack support for various hardwares.  Along comes Jolicloud, at first glance it looks like a ubuntu rip-off, as its based on ubuntu, but it strives to make an OS that is user friendly to those who have never tried linux/ubuntu.  it has the following features:
  • customized for laptops (with over/under clocking options to adjust power consumption)
  • "one click install" for its many app available for free
  • supports 100% of the laptops in the market today. 
  • after a software update it supports almost 100% of the 3G usb modems sold by smart / globe telcom in the Philippines.  
If you never used linux J-cloud is the best distro for you.  It has the simple click and install for that windows feel.  There are many apps available like adobe air, vlc for video, mp3, and possible iphone in the final release.

Making a bootable usb thumb drive is easy in windows.  For Linux users, UNetbootin works very well with jolicloud.

You can install it within Windows (Ubuntu users are snickering as this feature is very common to their releases).  Install takes only 15min as opposed to the movie like install time of Windows.

All devices work out of the box!  Internal mic works great, camera is fantastic though the volume has to be adjusted manually for the hard of hearing (like me).

Like most Linux, this one is FREE.  So between a free OS and a commercial OS, you'd go for the free one right? Windows license does not come cheap today.

  • If you are a linux user, as of now you can download the ISO file via torrent only.  Window users have it easier.
  • Office apps are not built-in as you have to install them one at a time, imagine installing writer, calc and impress.  Although linux master can always use the sudo apt-get command.
As you can see the benefit out weight the negative aspects.

If you are a I.T. student/enthusiast/professional, give j-cloud a try by installing it on top of windows or beside it.  Ubuntu users might have to adjust with the absence of the package/software manager.

Give it a try, and share the free knowledge to all.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Is Wikipedia good as a research source?

Most researchers and teachers (I am guilty of this one to an extent) would cite wikipedia as a holy grail of knowledge but one fact still remains:  anyone can edit entries in wikipedia.  The first entry I edited was a minor edit on the Ubuntu OS page of wikipedia, adding Lubuntu and its description. I am not saying that what I added was erroneous but we must not ignore the fact that it can be edited by anyone. 

There are many entries in that are unbalanced.  Here's a good example from click here to view the example.

Another one? 
Search for Eli Soriano on wikipedia and you will see the constant changes to its entries by the supporters of Soriano and his 'enemies' in Inglesia In Cristo and other religious sects.

Wikipedia must be starting point of any research but it must not end there.  Remember Validity and Reliability are the important factors to a research.  If people would say they pick that data from wikipedia, that's as good as saying they got the information from a reliable rumor mill. 

Always re-check with other encyclopedia based sites.  Do not trust everything that you read in the internet.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

How to Unlock Smartbro (huawei)

NOTE: If you are in Cebu, as of March 18, 2010 Smartbro e1552 White models can be purchased at MSI / Accent Micro North Wing SM City Cebu.

If you happen to own a laptop and need internet access on the fly, I suggest you buy Smartbro E1552 model.  Its the only smartbro that can easily be unlocked/open lined.

Once open lined you can use any SIM card to access the net (Globe/Sun/Red).

google for "symbianize version of Huawei unlocker", download the software,

Enter the IMEI number for your 3G Dongle.  Write down the NCK code (8digits).

Remove the usb modem, and the Smartbro Sim; install any sim other than Smart (i.e. Globe / Sun).  Run the smartbro software and it will now ask for the unlock code.  Type the NCK code and press OK.  Go to settings and make a new profile with the following settings
Network Settings under the Smart Connection Manager

Go to TOOLS, Options, Profile Management, New

1. SmartBro Postpaid
Profile Name : SmartBro Postpaid
Select Static
APN : internet
Access number : *99#
Activate SIM: text MMS ON send to 3401

2. SmartBro Prepaid
Profile Name : SmartBro Prepaid
Select Static
APN : SmartBro
Access number : *99#
Activate SIM: text MMS ON send to 3401

3. SmartBro Red Mobile
Profile Name : SmartBro Red Mobile
Select Static
APN : redinternet
Access number : *99#
Activate SIM: insert SIM to your phone, text RED(space) send to 9969
ex. N8950 send to 9969

4. Globe Broadband Postpaid
Profile Name : Globe Broadband Postpaid
Select Static
Access number : *99***1#
Activate SIM: text TIME send to 1111

5. Globe Broadband Prepaid

Profile Name : Globe Broadband Prepaid
Select Static
Access number : *99***1#
Activate SIM: text TIME send to 1111

5. Sun Wireless Prepaid
Profile Name : SUN Internet
Select Static
APN : minternet
Access number : *99#
Activate SIM: text Activate send to 2300

6. Sun Wireless Postpaid
a.Profile Name : SUN Broadband Basic
Select Static
APN : fixed
Access number : *99#
Activate SIM: text Activate send to 2300

b. Profile Name : SUN Broadband Standard
Select Static
APN : fbband
Access number : *99#
Activate SIM: text Activate send to 2300

c. Profile Name : SUN Broadband Nomad
Select Static
APN : mbband
Access number : *99#
Activate SIM: text Activate send to 2300

Finally the semeste has ended.

Waking up for a 7am class is a bore, thankfully the semester has ended. 

If you have questions/problems regarding your grades pls email me on this address: aljoriz@gmail dot com (replace the 'dot word' with .)

See you in the summer!

Friday, March 12, 2010


Walang pasok ang mga estudyante kay Sir Aljoriz Dublin sa Martes marso 16, ito ay dahil misa para sa mga (umm anong tagalog ng Graduwayte?) mag mamarcha de ceremonyas. 

Uulitin po natin, walang kayong pasok sa Martes. 

Sarang habid da booooo!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

UV Free Wi-Fi?

Among the greatest mysteries in the U.V. is the presence of the UV Free Wi-Fi signal, if you happen to bring a wi-fi enabled laptop at U.V. Main Campus you will find a UV "free" Wi-Fi Signal but you can never connect.

I can only wonder if its some sick practical joke by a BSIT student, where his laptop acts as a Wi-Fi Hot spot and uses the UV FREE Wi-Fi name.  I can only hope and pray that UV can offer a free Wi-Fi service otherwise its all globe tatto / smartbro for me.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Download Instructions

Some students may have a difficulty on downloading the STI / SEX ED. ppt file

1.  click on the download here link
2.  You will be transported to the file factory site. 
3.  Scroll down or press PAGE DOWN until you see DOWNLOAD NOW with File factory basic
4. Press Download load now.
5. a new page will tell you to wait for 60sec (with a count down)
6. then select where to place the file.

Thank you to those 5 students who have downloaded the file.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Sexually Transmitted Infection

Download here

As promised to my students for Society Culture with Family Planning, is the ppt (power point) version of my slide made open office

By the way, I am giving away free copies of Linux Mint 8 OS (but a new version is coming out in May).  Just approach me to request for a free copy of the 'best linux distro'... at least for me as I have tested Ubuntu, Puppy Linux and Slax. 

Monday, March 01, 2010

Sex Education powerpoint

Some students prefer to use technology when studying.  If you are a student of mine on Sociology with Culture and family planning.  Do yourself a favor by viewing at my .ppt file. 

The file is virus free, as I made it on a Linux system.  If you have difficulty in downloading, leave me a message either on this blog or via facebook. 

Download Here

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Smartbro(ken) is now Smartbro(RYU)

I was stupid enough to try to "flash" my Smartbro ZTE MF627.  It 'bricked' my dongle so to speak.  I tried going to Smart Wireless at SM, which in turned refered me to Airtouch where I left my smartbro overnight with them.

The next day they told me they can't fix it and was that I can get a replacement form smart, who in turn told me that there are no stocks for smartbro usb. 

I used Windows7 (pirated), installed the ZTE drivers,I searched the net for QPST and installed the default smartbro iso on it and some tweaks to make it the usb run automatically.  I changed back to Win XP (pirated) to test if it will work on a fresh install and it did work.. 

Imagine the so called 'experts' at Air Touch say that it requires a high level of expertise to fix this.

thanks to the power of the internet, everything is just chicken feed.