Monday, November 17, 2008

Our lady of Oslob

The 150 year old image of our lady of immaculate heart of Mary, from the Parish of Oslob Cebu, visited the University of the Visayas today. The Church was gutted by fire twice, the latest was this year; all through out the 2 fires the church was burned down but the statue of Mama Mary was able to survive the two fires.

Rumor has it, the same statue was stolen, one can notice the conspicuous absence of the crown on the statue. Antique collector thieves preyed (yes they did not PRAY) on the image only to be found out by authorities, the next day the house of the purchaser of the stolen image was burned by fire together with the would be buyer. It gave a new meaning to the word: Gaba.

The bottom picture is taken from the back of the statue. People say that such is a miraculous sign whilst naysayers, pragmatist and atheist dismiss the claim of a silhouette of the face of the virgin Mary as pure coincidence. These are subject to the inquiry from a council of the archdiocese to determine the veracity of the claim.

I do not mind the truth or falsity of the miracle tag, as long as it becomes an instrument to awaken the people to prayer.

Be sure to drop by and say a prayer of two to the mother of Jesus Christ.

As they say in latin: crede quod habes, et habes

it means: Believe that you have it, and you do

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Movie review

Since I had very few students today, I decided to take a break and watch a movie alone since last year I seldom watch movies alone, blame that on the girl friend.

I find it odd that the new bond film can not be original in terms of action sequences. The roof top action scenes has been done before in Bourne Identity.

There are no love scenes, they just imply it. The ending leaves much to be desired.

In short, I am not happy Casino Royale is a better film than this one.

Monday, November 03, 2008

some of the best pic I have seen on the net so far

Finally found another good use for the internet. Pictures like these makes surfing more amusing. Great finds don't you think?

All souls day

As most people would have noticed by now. I rarely take pictures of myself, a photographer rarely takes pictures (pauses for effect) of himself.

There are pictures that I am proud of though. These pictures were taken in my father's home town at Maya daan bantayan Cebu (I was born in Makati thus I consider Pasay as my home town even if Pasay would not consider me as from that place).

The house, in the picture, is the result of blood, sweat and tears of my father; it is his house and not mine. Again, his blood, sweat and tears; Not mine. His house has a Pink motif; its like a huge pink doll house for girls.

I am proud of the picture taken on a sunny day, its wonderful what my 'old' K800i can do despite being old by today's standards.

As for the last picture, its my cousin, grandfather and my sister (from left to right). Mind you the left and the right pictures are of people who are still alive and is no way a memorial to them. My grandfather used to be that handsome, I wonder how he became less good looking as he ages. Kinda like how a grape becomes a raisin; which is what will happen to my testicles when I reach the age of 60. Let it be known that I really look up to my grandfather, although I have not met him personally I believed that he had the highest moral standards and better sexual prowess as evidenced by that fact that I have 6 uncles and 4 aunts.

Anyway, I hope all my loved ones who have gone before are enjoying a life in heaven. I hope to follow suit but not too soon.