Monday, May 05, 2008

The law of Attraction

I read the purpose drive life but due its one chapter a day policy, I was so enamored by the slow reading concept that it took me months to just to finish reading the secret by Rhonda Byrne.

As for the book itself the packaging alone and the marketing makes this book a runaway success. I just love the concept of positive thinking. The oddest thing about this book is how people perceive it.

Some thought of it as a new age religion, which obviously meant they haven't read the book.
Some thought of it as a great and inspirational read.
Some though the dvd is indeed boring, well a book can't bore you specially if it is expensive.
To some, it is just a quick rich scheme by the publisher/author.

In reality, the book does not present anything new. But the way it is written, as if the author is actually speaking to you makes it worth the purchase. Do yourself a favor and buy a copy of the book.

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