Friday, April 25, 2008

University + nursing students?

Cebu City

The school where I work for has been included in some controversy surrounding a video regarding some rectal operation on a gay to remove a deodorant rammed on his anus after a drinking binge with his lover.

As a teacher for the institution, I standby our school. Although it is true that some nursing students indeed give most teachers some headaches; I can not just lump all of them as bad. I pity those nursing students who spend their nights burning their brains just to achieve their dream of working as a nurse; after all a reputation has to count.

I am not privy as to the degree of participation of our student. For the record let me state that I handle classes for the Arts and Sciences Department, usually first years and not fourth year students. As a person, I am sure that our school authorities from the President down to the faculty members have exercised the degree of diligence and supervision required of them.

The current news regarding the mess of a successful operation on the gay where someone poked fun at him, and violated his privacy is that he wants 6million pesos as indemnification. The amount might seem to high and unreasonable, but a damage to one's reputation is often incapable of pecuniary estimation.

We can not put a real value to the humiliation of a person. Tempting as it might be to ridicule that gay. I have to look inside my own sins and face that reality that I am no different from that gay. I am a sinner, far more than anyone. If my sins were counted I would have gone to the depths of hell.

I can only try to live my life to pay for my sins of the past. Those little transgression that I have done and hope to live a life worth emulating.

I pray that we can live a life worth living and imitating.

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