Thursday, October 30, 2008


A few months back I cursed Timex but now I have to love watch republic, the distributor of timex. Why? Their shop allowed me to replace my timex, under warranty, with a more reliable brand name..


The response light twin is just fantastic although it is just 100m water resist, I love it except for the following quirks

When the digital time mode is off the light watch can not be turned on but the hands for the analog are readable anyway.

As a student of mine noticed, I have a penchant for collecting watches. So how many watches do I have?

Seiko Kinetic titanium
Citizen Eco-Drive
G-Shock G-7510 vibration watch
Adidas ADP1437 (latest)

As Humprey Bogart would say 'here's lookin' at ya, kid!'

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sexual Harasment by a teacher

SAN PEDRO, Laguna, Philippines—A professor at the De La Salle University, Dasmariñas has been arrested in an entrapment operation for allegedly harassing his 17-year-old student, police disclosed Monday morning.

Arnel Sanchez, 30, was arrested in an entrapment operation Thursday night in Cavite, said Inspector Agripina Batoctoy, chief of the Women and Children Protection Desk Cavite.

Batoctoy said in a phone interview on Monday that Sanchez, a teacher of criminal law,
had texted the student about a "special project" for her to pass his class.

The student claimed that the suspect had required her to have sex with him at the Four C Hotel in Dasmariñas, Cavite. The girl sought the help of the police, who set up the entrapment.

When they met at the hotel, Sanchez allegedly opted to have sex with the student inside his van, saying he wanted to save on hotel bills.

While they were in the van, the student made a missed call to the police as a cue for the arrest to be made.

Sanchez, a resident of the village of Burol, remains in the custody of the Dasmariñas police.


I do teach but I never did believe on special projects. Besides, a teacher who does things like that is really a low life. He either needs a girlfriend or just wanted to have an easy lay. I am just shocked the perp (perpetrator) is the same age as me.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

HB 5043: Freedom of choice

The Catholic Church started a signature campaign against the Reproductive health bill. I am teaching sex education in college.

I believe everyone should be responsible for the choices they made. Fact: IUDs, condoms are readily available but what makes me more suspicious of this law is that the government will walk holding hands with some enterprising companies. I am sure our local KAKONG-GRESSMAN and SAY-NOTors and other 'public officials' will have a share of the pie.

What I abhor is the Chruch dictating to the people what is good/bad. Freedom of choice, we all have it. Your life, your future, your soul is no one's responsibility. So If I have used Condoms no one can damn my soul to hell except possibly God and my girlfriend.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bells Palsy

One of my aunts suddenly had her face slide to the side, her face reminded me of Jim Ross of WWE. She had a check up with a general family doctor but due to her age, she barely remembered the name. It was until I googled (yes, its now a word officially) 'jim ross disease' that she recalled it's name: BELLS PALSY.

A quick WebMD and wikipedia later, I learned that the proper diagnosis is by exclusion. Eliminating all other possible causes for the disease. Everytime I had a sickness, the best medicine would be proper information to calm myself.

I urge any readers of my blog to say a prayer for my aunt, in hopes that she may overcome this embarassing disease.