Sunday, May 25, 2008

A friend is a friend forever.

A friend of mine was able to reach me through this blog. It has been approximately 8years or so since we last spoke to each other. 8years ago I was not half the man I used to be.

8 years ago..
I a shallow hall of man,
I put premium on my own satisfaction,
I was selfish,
I don't drink alcohol.

8 years ago..
I almost died with grief,
I had TB,
A friend who listend,
A friend who cared.

8 years ago..
I was a delinquent Catholic,
I used to borrow porn (now I own some)
I have no clue what I wanted to be.

8 years is a long time to meet a friend again.
A long time to catch up on the stories,
the laughters, the chick problems of men
and how our personal relationship with our family changes us.

Few people can touch the lives of people and make a difference. I am glad to have meet my friend again. Thank you Chad Arendain for the memories, for teaching me the rhythm method (though unreliable I don't use it, I user my rubber ducky) but most importantly for teaching me that no one is too poor or too rich to have a friend and to become one.

I raise my glass of Brandy and gives a loud cheer to my Friend. Thank you, Chad!

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