Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Summer notes for Logic

For my students:

Summer is beach, sexy bodies and more.  For teachers it means constant work.  Now for those who came here due to my instructions, you can download my notes from this link Are you human?

Monday, March 09, 2015

You want to get yoru research published?

Here are my tips

Prepare your manuscript
The manuscript must bear the following
Alignment to the objectives of the journal you are submitting it too
Attach appropriate documents to the appendix: IRB Clearance & Ethical Board Review.
Observe the proper citation as required by the Journal.  It can be Boston, MLA, APA, Turiban.  View this handy guide on different citation stylistics. 

Submit it online.
Various journals now require online submission of abstract, proposals or manuscript.

Prepare for rejection. 
Rejection is a reality.  I submitted a paper to one journal on creative writing and I was given the nicest rejection letter ever.  It stated:
We are sorry to reject your paper but it does not mean it is written poorly, it just did not fit with your journal.
Patience my young, Padawan!
This statement of Master Yoda is very apt.  You will be receiving a litany of changes to be made to your paper once it has been accepted. Revision or major overhaul is enough to make a researcher be depressed but know that these changes will help in the publication of your paper.

In the Journal of Human Resource Sustainability Studies, they required three stages of revision.  So be patient, remember it will make your paper better.

Have an ORCID ID.  Go over orcid.org to register.  
A unique ORCID ID will give you a unique identity, make sure that once the paper is published remember to add it to your works for your ORCID ID.

Writer's Remorse: post publication

I realized a few things after the paper was published.  The manuscript that I submitted bore the changes as recommended by the peer reviewer but these were not included in the published paper.  This failure can be attributed to any of the following: 
  • Oversight on the part of the proof reader.
  • Absence of diligence on my part.  
  • Oversight on the part of my editor.
This post is not to blame on the Journal of Human Resource and Sustainability Studies.  They do quick and fast work.  I just realized that it is very easy to criticize a published work when in fact we were not party to the arduous work involved to the publication.

I found the errors to my published paper when I was presenting it to my colleagues over the University of the Visayas Graduate School last Sunday.  It was nice to see their faces lit up and find the study interesting. 

Sadly, I also found first hand how people consider Qualitative Studies as "not real researche".  Often the problem lies when comparing Quantitative Researches (which has been around for a long time) with QUALITATIVE as an emergent design.  As Dr. Talili of Liceo De Cagayan would point out qualitative writing is a creative process.  This is because the primary tool for Qualitative Studies is the researcher hence his philosophical views must be inserted and his biases be blatantly obvious.

It maybe normal for writer's to suffer regret on things that could have been added.  Writing can be akin to a relationship, we regret things we did not or should have done when the relationship has ended.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Have a goal journal.

I love reading the works of Bro. Bo Sanchez in 2006 I was happy to receive a copy of the Life Dream Journal. 
My copy now looks tattered. I used to read what I wrote every single day, yes without fail until I got a girlfriend in 2006.  I stopped reading but looking back, a few words that I wrote be came prophetic. 
I eventually became a husband, a teacher in a University (I used to teach in a College as opposed to a University).  The only sore spot was not passing the bar exam.  I don't know if I still had that legal gumption and testicular fortitude to take it again but who knows?

Sunday, March 01, 2015

My KFC Tabasco review

KFC re-launches its "KFC Co-creations".  Remember that Leslie's Clover chips flavored chicken? Well KFC is at it again, banking on the success of their "double down hot dog".

What do you get? 
Their promo has the following:  
  1. Large coke
  2. Flaming Tabasco (I got Chicken breast part, maybe random?)
  3. Java Rice
  4. Coleslaw

The Tabasco is actually in the breading and not marinated into the chicken.  It is a let down really.  I know some people love to spike the KFC sauce with tabasco (heck I do that a lot) but having it on the breading? It is not a whole lot of fun.  Their java rice has its own unique spin too.  Sliced onions leaves can be seen, it adds a unique aroma to the rice.  The addition of a colesaw serves as a fire extinguisher after downing their "flaming" chicken.  The Large Coke is a good addition though.

Did I find it flaming hot?

For my taste buds, I'd rather prefer the tabasco on the gravy as it has a unique tingle.  The tabasco on the breading serves only as a "flavoring".  The coleslaw is effective to thaw the moderately hot after taste.

I doubt if Usop will find this hot as I didn't.

WARNING: If you have allergies stay away from this.  My allergic rhinitis acted up after eating this.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

My first published research.

Consensual Relationship

This is my first published academic research paper in an online journal.

What is it about?
It is a social research focusing on romantic teacher-student relationships in the academe.  In it are the techniques people do to get away with it, you will also see narrative outcomes of their relationship.

Who funded the research?
The paper was funded by the University of the Visayas for $200.

Why is it expensive?  
The Journal on Human Research Sustainability Studies maintains the server that will allow the paper to be access by anyone online.

How was the experience in writing?  
I have spent almost all of my mailbox exchanging emails with the Journal.  I have learned the proof reading is not easy.  I have acquired a profound respect for the art of journal research writing.

I hope that students can take time to cite my paper.  After all once I am cited or reviewed it grants pleasure to know that my work was used.  I hope to write and see more of my research work.  It is a truly inspiring endeavour.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Research 01 Day - Notes

DISCLAIMER:  This note is not to be an considered as the sole source of knowledge, you are encouraged to refer to others books.  This does not replace the intricacies of class room dynamics.

 Things that we expect to do during the semester.
  1. Give you the basics of research
  2. Make a research paper chapters 1-3
  3. Conduct title defense
  4. Conduct design hearing with select CAS faculty.
What is Research?
Research defined as a systematic inquiry that uses disciplined methods to answer questions or solve problems (Polit & Beck, 2013).

How to select a good title for a research (Creswell, 2013)
-Based on personal experience, interest, expertize, comfortability, and identify your audience.

The Three research designs. (Creswell, 2012)
  1. Quantitative studies concepts, variables, constructs data is purely numerical, uses relational (cause and effect, functional relationships) perspective.  Participants are called respondents, uses questionnaire or other tools.  
  2. Qualitative  studies phenomena, concepts; narrative in nature, seeks to find patters of association.  Participants are called Informants or Key Informants.  Uses Inductive Reasoning.
  3. Mixed approach - a combination of the two other designs.
For Methodology, you are to select one and make sure your selection fits the reason why you picked a certain design.

The Four Major philosophical approaches (Cresswell, 2002)
These should be added in your theoretical/philosophical/conceptual approach in Chapter one.  Your paper must reflect who are the main proponents and discuss how these view affects the way you make your paper. 

  1. Post positivity uses determination, reduction, empirical observation and research, theory verification.  For Quantitative Researches only.  
  2.  Constructivism - uses understanding, multiple participant meaning, social and historical construction.  Focuses on theory generation FOR QUALITATIVE Studies only.  
  3.  Transformative - Political, power, justice oriented, collaborative, change oriented   FOR QUANTITATIVE research.
  4.  Pragmatism -  focuses on consequence of actions, problem centered, pluralistic, real word and practice oriented.  FOR MIXED APPROACH only.

Creswell, J. W. (2002). Educational research: Planning, conducting, and   evaluating quantitative.
Creswell, J. W. (2013). Research design: Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches. Sage. 
Creswell, J. W. (2012). Qualitative inquiry and research design: Choosing among five approaches. Thousand Oaks:  Sage publications.
Polit, D. F., & Beck, C. T. (2013). Nursing research: Generating and assessing evidence for nursing practice. Philippines: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How to break up?

For college students nothing inspires more than being in love.  It is also the best demotivator ever created. animated gif taken from www.animalsbeingdicks.com

It's not you baby, it's me.
There is no easy way to break up.  So here's what to do to break their hearts.

1.  Announce the break up in a public place but in this age a FB status change will do.
 2.  Do not contact the EX, remove ways to contact you; change your email, cell, address; In worse stalker scenarios consider having a plastic surgery.
3.  De-activate your FB account.
4.  if you see the Ex, refrain from talking to the breakee.
5.  Time heals all wounds, cry as much as you want but it won't change the fact that you don't see a future together.

In all these circumstances, you are not responsible for whatever actions your Ex may take.  They will threaten to do suicide, even dramatize one just to win your heart; this shows immaturity on their part

Remember you are doing them a favor by giving them a chance of a better happiness with other people.  Realize that there is more to life than being in love, spend time with family and friends.