Saturday, February 06, 2010

Smartbro(ken) is now Smartbro(RYU)

I was stupid enough to try to "flash" my Smartbro ZTE MF627.  It 'bricked' my dongle so to speak.  I tried going to Smart Wireless at SM, which in turned refered me to Airtouch where I left my smartbro overnight with them.

The next day they told me they can't fix it and was that I can get a replacement form smart, who in turn told me that there are no stocks for smartbro usb. 

I used Windows7 (pirated), installed the ZTE drivers,I searched the net for QPST and installed the default smartbro iso on it and some tweaks to make it the usb run automatically.  I changed back to Win XP (pirated) to test if it will work on a fresh install and it did work.. 

Imagine the so called 'experts' at Air Touch say that it requires a high level of expertise to fix this.

thanks to the power of the internet, everything is just chicken feed.