Monday, July 28, 2008

La Sona Petite Presidente

Annually the President releases the state of the nation. The new SONA strikes me as odd as it is filled with promises like a 5centavo per text messaging, allowing the poor to acquire more loans from the government.

I agree that people need money but I hope that you will agree with me when I say that financial wisdom is the main need of society today. Anyone can earn but the ability to budget the earnings to one's need requires more than just 'testicular fortitude'.

I asked my students to listen to the statement of the President, which lead some to sleep in a little as 5minutes from the start of the speech.

Again, pictures say more than just words so I will the pictures do the talking and yes REAL MEN WEAR PINK!

UV CAS acquaintance party

Every year each school has an acquaintance party. UV College of Arts and Sciences was no different from all other schools except only to the fact that the students are granted total freedom to determine the venue.

I regret that I can not post each and every photo that I had on my cellphone but suffice to say I had a lot of fun. It reminded me of the years that I took for granted. Time is such a sissy thing, when you don't take it seriously it flies so fast.

I am sure these students will be successful in their lives in the future.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

group sharing

I got my sociology class 3-4pm (at University of the Visayas) experience what it was to be in an Alcoholic's Anonymous meeting.

I know none of them were alcoholic's but I pray that they got close to their classmates better. I believed that we all have a monster inside of us.

We can only live if we can manage to open our hearts and pains to people in hopes that we can encourage and learn from each other.

Although the 'session' was shorter than I wanted it to be due to time constraints, I hope they had fun.

So here's your pictures and have fun reading this post of mine.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Death in the family

My entry title is taken from the batman issues #426-429 where Jason Todd as Robin dies at the hands of Joker.

Death is hard to accept specially when you think that person does not deserve it. I received a text from my Tita Luz that Tita Dalia died, I was having my class then and I can not help but shed a tear. How was I supposed to reply with a news like that?

I thought that I could have done better in treating aunt Dalia. She would often lend an ear to my family problems with my father; she would offer words of encouragement. I still remember it how she wanted to receive the holy Eucharist, albeit to celebrate my becoming a lay minister at a church.

Candelaria Torres Dublin died at a young age of 46, she was an inspiration to all of us. We will forever remember you!

Monday, July 07, 2008

I tried surfing using the address and lo and behold the site was about some bible and koran stuff.. Weird.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hypocrisy: part of society?

Go to Church and you see a lot of them.
Go to School, you often see them.

We are actually hypocrites, all of us.
In one way of another, we live dual lives.

The Philosopher Plato once said that man is a dual creature.
Everyday I try hard to live up to expectations of friensd,
colleagues, and family. At times, they are too high that the idea
of dying comes across.

Hypocrisy is a funny word, its almost as funny as modesty. The moment you say you are modest, you are not. Hypocrisy is like that but living with the crosses that we bear is all part of the deal.

What keeps people smiling? What keep them going?
Too much lipovitan, would not even cure depression.
I guess we have weekends for that, to relax... go over my days.
What makes students smile even if the days seems bleak?

I am almost 30, with 5years of teaching experience. Heck, when I said that I wonder where did that five year went through. I know that one day I will die and I can only hope that by living, I have inspired people.

For me, that is a man's worth... measured by the people he has inspired!
Excuse me while I watch Semi-Pro.