Sunday, May 25, 2008

A friend is a friend forever.

A friend of mine was able to reach me through this blog. It has been approximately 8years or so since we last spoke to each other. 8years ago I was not half the man I used to be.

8 years ago..
I a shallow hall of man,
I put premium on my own satisfaction,
I was selfish,
I don't drink alcohol.

8 years ago..
I almost died with grief,
I had TB,
A friend who listend,
A friend who cared.

8 years ago..
I was a delinquent Catholic,
I used to borrow porn (now I own some)
I have no clue what I wanted to be.

8 years is a long time to meet a friend again.
A long time to catch up on the stories,
the laughters, the chick problems of men
and how our personal relationship with our family changes us.

Few people can touch the lives of people and make a difference. I am glad to have meet my friend again. Thank you Chad Arendain for the memories, for teaching me the rhythm method (though unreliable I don't use it, I user my rubber ducky) but most importantly for teaching me that no one is too poor or too rich to have a friend and to become one.

I raise my glass of Brandy and gives a loud cheer to my Friend. Thank you, Chad!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our lady of Fatima

These are the photos taken during the visit of the the pilgrim image of the immaculate heart of Mary, our lady of Fatima.

The first picture from the left was taken after the holy sacrifice of the mass in her honor. I was together with Cebu's Auxiliary Bishop and Parochial Pastor of Sto. Rosario Parish Julito B. Cortes and I was flanked by fellow lay minister whose name escapes me as of the moment.

I didn't expect to help carry the pilgrim image, it was a wonderful experience. I attest that I am a habitual sinner but somehow the event made me realize how little my sins were in the eyes of God.

I am still trying to move away from sins. At times, I am successful then at other instances I am not. I can only pray after my death all my sins will be forgiven.

Truly the secrets of our lady of Fatima is without controversy. She made an apparition to 3 kids: Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia. in which she gave three visions to them.

a. The vision of Hell
b. How to save the world through sacrifice, penance and communion on first Saturday of the month
c. A vision of the death of the pope during their time. The third secret was revealed on June 26, 2000. Some suspect that the released secret is not the entire one as the third secret started with the words: "In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved etc." as written in Sister Lucia's memoirs.

Nonetheless, I must continue to do good and perform penance. After all I am no different from the inmates of BBRC, who are forced to dance to Michael J's Thriller.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Funny titles for a news

Before you continue reading please look at the message below and follow the link:

great tits coping well with global warming.

What an amusing title.

I saw that on my RSS, like most hot blooded male I clicked on the link thinking about how huge breasted women can cope well during global warming, I was actually expecting something on the class of a Kinsey report but after reading it ... I laughed out loud.

I checked the DIC-tionary and tits was defined as
1. [vulgar] Either of two soft fleshy milk-secreting glandular organs on the chest of a woman
2. The small projection of a mammary gland
3. Small insectivorous birds

BIRDS. Its as if BBC was pulling a joke on its readers either that or my carnal knowledge is way too much. But any good natured male with misconstrue the subject title anyway.

Here's to BBC making me laugh for a day.

It's a dogs life.

Isn't it so fun to dress your favorite pet? As if you are dressing your own child? I do love dogs, but I am not as fond of kids. Maybe when I do get a child of my own I would learn to appreciate their quirks and ADHD.

A few days ago I had my students watch THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION. Its among my favorite films, years ago it made me cry and it still manages to make me cry after more than 5times of watching it. Most of my male students shed a tear while watching it; who ever said boys don't cry must be a nut. The timing for the film showing to my class was impeccable; as I was depressed on account of meeting a successful batch mate who is now a lawyer. He works for the commission on audit.

Just like in the movie, we never know what the future has in store for us yet that is not an excuse not to plan ahead and have a positive outlook in life.

As a teacher, I can only pray that I was able to influence and touch the life of other in a more special way.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Comic Review: Trese: Murder on balete drive

The Philippines is not replete of great writers and artist. When it comes to the field of comic book writing Carlo Caparas, Mars Ravelo does come to mind. But as of late there are only a handful of great writers and artist. I have decided to add Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo's Trese to my own collection of pinoy comic books; which isn't tha tmuch as I only own the following: Arnold Arre's Myth Class, ZsaZsa Zathurna, Love is in the bag.

If I were to classify the comic book trese it would fall along the lines of a horror/noir comic book. We rarely see a comic that tries to stand on its own and making its own universe believable as in Trese. What makes read worth it is the price. At 140pesos, it does not come as expensive as the compiled Myth Class of Arnold Arre; my only gripe to that book is the shoody binding of the book after 5-10 readings the pages come off.

For Trese, the binding is ok. The art is in a class of its own. If you love stories of John Constantine and some shades of Sandman. This book is perfect for you. Don't expect a laugh out loud stories, this is not a funny book nor does it try to be.

Do yourself a favor and support our home grown talents like Tan and Baldisimo. You can buy a copy at National Bookstore, I got mine from the SM Cebu City branch; its a walking distance to my residence around a good 15-20min walk.

You can also visit their blog

Monday, May 05, 2008

The law of Attraction

I read the purpose drive life but due its one chapter a day policy, I was so enamored by the slow reading concept that it took me months to just to finish reading the secret by Rhonda Byrne.

As for the book itself the packaging alone and the marketing makes this book a runaway success. I just love the concept of positive thinking. The oddest thing about this book is how people perceive it.

Some thought of it as a new age religion, which obviously meant they haven't read the book.
Some thought of it as a great and inspirational read.
Some though the dvd is indeed boring, well a book can't bore you specially if it is expensive.
To some, it is just a quick rich scheme by the publisher/author.

In reality, the book does not present anything new. But the way it is written, as if the author is actually speaking to you makes it worth the purchase. Do yourself a favor and buy a copy of the book.