Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our lady of Fatima

These are the photos taken during the visit of the the pilgrim image of the immaculate heart of Mary, our lady of Fatima.

The first picture from the left was taken after the holy sacrifice of the mass in her honor. I was together with Cebu's Auxiliary Bishop and Parochial Pastor of Sto. Rosario Parish Julito B. Cortes and I was flanked by fellow lay minister whose name escapes me as of the moment.

I didn't expect to help carry the pilgrim image, it was a wonderful experience. I attest that I am a habitual sinner but somehow the event made me realize how little my sins were in the eyes of God.

I am still trying to move away from sins. At times, I am successful then at other instances I am not. I can only pray after my death all my sins will be forgiven.

Truly the secrets of our lady of Fatima is without controversy. She made an apparition to 3 kids: Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia. in which she gave three visions to them.

a. The vision of Hell
b. How to save the world through sacrifice, penance and communion on first Saturday of the month
c. A vision of the death of the pope during their time. The third secret was revealed on June 26, 2000. Some suspect that the released secret is not the entire one as the third secret started with the words: "In Portugal, the dogma of the Faith will always be preserved etc." as written in Sister Lucia's memoirs.

Nonetheless, I must continue to do good and perform penance. After all I am no different from the inmates of BBRC, who are forced to dance to Michael J's Thriller.

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