Saturday, February 28, 2015

My first published research.

Consensual Relationship

This is my first published academic research paper in an online journal.

What is it about?
It is a social research focusing on romantic teacher-student relationships in the academe.  In it are the techniques people do to get away with it, you will also see narrative outcomes of their relationship.

Who funded the research?
The paper was funded by the University of the Visayas for $200.

Why is it expensive?  
The Journal on Human Research Sustainability Studies maintains the server that will allow the paper to be access by anyone online.

How was the experience in writing?  
I have spent almost all of my mailbox exchanging emails with the Journal.  I have learned the proof reading is not easy.  I have acquired a profound respect for the art of journal research writing.

I hope that students can take time to cite my paper.  After all once I am cited or reviewed it grants pleasure to know that my work was used.  I hope to write and see more of my research work.  It is a truly inspiring endeavour.