Thursday, November 18, 2004

Philosophy has never been fun...

I really thought that Philosophy was a boring subject but I was proven wrong.. what made it interesting is not the history but rather the social interaction that you can have with you students.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The week after the exams and all

I had a tough last week of teaching in RCC. You can often get student's sending you text messages of how they wanted to "get even" with you, then there are some that questions your very intelligence by insinuating they don't deserve getting this grade.

After that last gruelling last week students still pestered me, I wished I hadn't given my cell number :(

After the week I was "celebrating" my being jobless by reading some good books like THE LIFE OF PI, which was about how a person would survive a ship wreck and being on a life boat with a 450lb bengal tiger. It is really amusing and profound.

I got a load given by the school already: Logic, Tourism Laws, and I declined the other one since it was math induced; teaching math related subjects is, by far and wide, something that I tried to avoid since I find it really boring.

This is my first blog entry to the web since the defunct which I wasn't able to upload since I was too old to remember the password, anyway the entries were so obsolete.