Thursday, December 11, 2008

Heroes: Are you values in order?

This country celebrates Manny Pacquiao as he defeated Oscar Dela Hoya.

I can only stare in awe. This country is celebrating a person who beats people to oblivion, as sports. We celebrate a person for winning in a 'exhibition' match.

We are more eager to celebrate the arrival of our 'national fist'; almost all news papers talk about him. When a Child saves a baby from a life threatening fire or a near death experience. Do we feel the same degree of jubilation? We celebrate someone for beating up some guy and getting paid for it?

When a Filipino wins a match his fellow filipino are quick to point out that the match is 'scripted'. When Mansueto 'Onyok' Velasco won Gold in the South East Asia games. Did the whole country had the same state of proudness as it showed to pacquiao?

When the smoke has cleared the answers are still uncertain. Are our values in the proper order?!!?

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