Friday, March 27, 2009

Semestral end photos

Alot of things has happened lately and I can't think of a way of putting all of the events in this blog so I decided to college the best photos I had for the summer. The students in a sack were from Nathaniel Guido's English class; which much to my amusement is very creative. I hope to find time to blog more about the crazy things in my life but as of the moment I will let the pictures say a thousand words.
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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Students of the week

Sorry for the delay of posting this one. We have two students of the week. From the College of Arts and Sciences we have from left to right Ivonah Carcedo (I added the extra 'h' for hentai, er fun) and Darling Wagas. Both beauties of the said department are presumably in a happy and loving relationship with someone. They were chosen as this blogs student of the week due to the following:

Their academic standing and the degree of participation in Campus related activities.

Ms. Wagas is a graduating student this semester and we pray that she will remain humble, beautiful, and successful in her future endeavors. She was a constant fixture to various activities acting as an emcee and at times an entertainer, unlike those found in bars, for her classmates. With her close-up smile and colgate confidence, if only looks could kill.

Ms. Carcedo will continue to pursue studying in hopes of making it big in the real world. She is starting to 'replace' Ms. Wagas on the breath of her visibility in various activities like the CAPSO days, with the loving support of her father and a school mate as a special someone. We have no shadow of doubt that she can go the distance.

Photos posted were taken with their consent.