Monday, August 04, 2008

The Archdiocese Campus Ministry

Out of the blue I found myself involved with the U.V. Campus Ministry thus my involvement with the archdiocese Campus Ministry. It was a nice event to see students doing things for the love of God and not in it for a passing delight like say a grade. I never realized that even if I am the biggest sinner in the world, I can still make a difference. Granted that I do handle some 'bible sessions' at the campus ministry for free, as I wanted to share my experiences and pains in hopes of encouraging the youth of today.

Sr. Milla Roco has done a wonderful job at the Campus Ministry and she deserves more than just a certificate, I feel humbled that she had to share the lime light with us, who are totally unworthy of such an event.

The good Eminence Cardinal Vidal took a special time to spend it with the various campus ministry volunteers/faculty members. At least, I know how many people do it for the love of God.

I will continue to serve, not for the interest of my sanctification, but for my love of serving people.

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