Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sphere of Influence

I was on my way to class yesterday. When a former nursing student of mine in Philippine Constitution approached me to inform me that she has decided to shift to Political Science. I starred blankly at the floor after that, I wondered if I was a factor in her decision.

I am not sure if I have influenced her to shift courses. Being a teacher is tough, its like acting tough when deep inside you're as soft as a toilet paper.

Today I discussed the deviant behaviors on Sociology. Things like Prostitution, Drug Addiction and stuff. It is shocking to know that the youth these days are a tad wilder with things going on like f*ck Buddies, Sex Eye Ball. Things like that makes prostitution seem like elementary.

We all do have our needs. Be it sex, food, and spiritual needs. We are human beings try our best to fill such a void. In reality Deviant behaviors makes the world more fun, it shows people can change for the better if given the chance. The world would be a bleak, boring and generic place if not for them. They just need some affection, they are not any different from us.

Students glee with delight when things like sex are discussed but when I discussed why some people go into a form of addiction, they see an image of them inside it. We have all been an addicts to some particular form. It can be an object or any physical urge but that challenges us to stand up and do our best to change.

Change does not happen instantly, it takes a lot of time. I pray that I would also mature to become a far better person that I am now.

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