Wednesday, January 28, 2009

UV students at RTC

The Justice League of U.V.

I brought my class to a court observation at the Regional Trial Court Branch13 of executive Judge Meinardo Paredes. We had a great time talking with suspects, and almost becoming a suspect (joke), observing manners and habits of lawyers and the Judge. It is prayed for and hoped that students will get a boost of enthusiasm and love for legal gobbledegook.

There were 15 mutants err students in attendance. It truly was an unforgettable experience, actually its my first time bringing students to observe court trials. My last court observation was eons ago for the trial of a priest who 'ran over' my sisters foot; which fortunately is still well.

That trip was made possible by the following:
Mr. Nelson Sungahid, the clerk of court of Branch 13;who is a product of U.V. and was once a working student. It's remarkable how U.V. changed the lives of people.

Mr. Jayson, Merson who was kind enough to lend us the fantastic vehicle and offered to drive us to court and back to school. I have no doubt that you have the testicular fortitude to go where your dreams want you to do.

Dean Estrella Navarro
For trusting this 'gifted-child,' who O.D.'d on Promil Milk, to teach students a thing or two about life, law and the hangups of living.

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