Monday, January 26, 2009

Random Drug testing for college professors

The ChEd, according to inquirer, is set to implement random drug testing in various colleges. Those found with substance abuse are to be admitted to a rehab program and/or prohibited to teach.

IMHO it is a nice practice on a piece of paper but in reality it would be troublesome for the following factors:

1. the most common drug testing is by urine sample
  • My nursing students should know that this procedure is a bit trouble some as a person who uses prescription drugs on a maintenance basis has the possibility of producing a FALSE positive result, any chemist can list down this drugs which may trigger false positive results but I am no chemist. When this happens, without any due process, a person can be immediately labeled as a Drug addict when in fact he is taking prescription medicines as per advice of his doctor.
2. The use Urine analysis to determine drug use is highly debatable as the system can be cheated by the use of a adulterants or simple switching of urine. I wonder what would happen if you switched your urine with a dogs urine for drug testing, would they notice the difference?

3. Random Urine testing can not detect recent use of drugs, it can only detect drugs used as long as five days.

I know of a teacher, from another university, who used drugs but then again, who am I to judge. People change, habits change with the grace of God. I am afraid of a totalitarian government, one where we have no freedom; a place where we give up freedom for safety, convenience and economic standing.

This is the voice of Fate - V for Vendetta

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