Friday, January 23, 2009

Pit Senyor!

Cebu City
We Celebrated the Sinulog on 17 and 18 of this month. Those dates had me walking from Gen. Maxillom Ave. to Sto Nino Church, yes two straight days of walking to and fro. On my walks, I chanced to see the picture here in.

Amusing that people would do 'cosplay' with the Child Jesus. Imagine the irony of a son of God playing as a bad cop; In this country cops are more likely to be feared than respected. There are some theological similarities since God in the old testament was feared for punishing people who violated his covenant but it all changed with the new testament God became a loving and forgiving God.

The Sto Nino is a child like reflection of our innocence. On that we should never let go in our lives. Children are more likely to follow God, they have the gift of purity. As we celebrate the feast of the birth of Catholicism in the Philippines, let us ponder on the blessing that we have received and be thankful for them.

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