Friday, November 13, 2009

UV Prepares for IQuAME

HERE ARE THE ANSWERS FOR THE ASSIGNMENT FOR THE 3rd week of November 2009. Remember to put it down in a half crosswise yellow paper.
IQuAME stands for Institutional Monitoring and Evaluation for Quality Assurance that is administered by CHED.

Schools who wish to attain autonomous status apply for it and set a schedule for a CHED visit whereby the school undergoes strict evaluation on four key areas:
1) Governance and management
2) Quality of teaching and research
3) Support for students
4) Relations with the community
5) Management of resources.

If the so-called “evidences” that the school compiles and shows matches with the criteria laid out by the Commission, then the subject school will most likely pass the acid test.

UV is applying for Category A (teaching) under IQuAME rules.

The history of the College of arts and Sciences

In 1948, when UV was then known as the Visayanian Institute it opened the Liberal Arts Department under the approval DECS (department of education culture and sports) with an initial 10 student enrolees. Liberal Arts is now currently known as the College of Arts and Sciences Department.

Currently Offering the following courses:
A.B. Political Science
A.B. Journalism
A.B. Literature
A.B. English
A.B. Psychology
A.B. Mass Communications
B.S. Biology

The College of Arts and Sciences upholds excellence in the arts and sciences tradition. We want our graduates to be recognized for their highly developed critical thinking and communications skills, moral and spiritual values, intellectual integrity, democratic leadership and social awareness of the problems and concerns of the community and the nation.

The college of Arts and Sciences provides quality instruction which focuses on the acquisition of knowledge through critical thinking and communication skills, inculcation of moral and spiritual values in all disciplines, promotion of intellectual integrity through research and scholarships, adoption of policies for training geared towards democratic leadership and creation of opportunities for community service.

General Objectives:
1. Design classroom activities intended to facilitate in-depth communication and critical thinking.
2. Provide opportunities for moral and spiritual upliftment
3. Conduct research activities through intensive reading, analysis and evaluation
4. Spearhead activities that help students develop leadership potentials.
5. Under take programs and projects which allow students to be with the marginalized sector of society for community service

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