Thursday, November 05, 2009

Donate blood and get a free gift

I always donate my blood every 2months except if I am not healthy enough to do it. On November 3, I donated my blood. I was surprised that red cross gave me a free red baller band. The token was enough to make me feel very special and as such I always wear it. So go ahead donate your plasma and get this limited edition red cross baller bracelet. Wear it proud knowing that you are a volunteer for the International Red Cross of the Philippines.

BTW donating blood is not as 'traumatic' as say getting an operation. The needles are not that big and the puncture is as painful as an ant bite, the minute pain is similar to my yearly flu vaccine; you also get a free orange juice when donating. I should know, I have donated almost more than a gallon of my blood he he he

Free Blood Screening (HIV/AIDS)
almost free blood replacement in emergencies (if you have donated a gallon or more)
FREE RED CROSS BALLER BRACELET for a limited time only

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