Wednesday, November 04, 2009

I... AM... SORRY

For those student who were not able to get the exam last semester, Feel free to contact me via email to schedule your make up exams. If you have not taken the exam chances are the grade might be INC or depending on your performance for the previous terms (pre to semi) there might not be any need to take the exams.

email me aljoriz at gmail dot com (change the dot to perio and at=@). I am doing this so that bots might not get my email. After all I hate autoBOTS he he he

FYI, I have not failed a student save for 2 who never attended classes or showed no interest at all in the subject.

I am very sorry as I was not able to serve students for the clearance signing due to some rapid works done on the general psychology book. I pray that this book will not be sequestered unlike my previous attempts to write a book (Philippine Constitution).

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