Friday, November 27, 2009


In the last 2weeks the Philippines became the center for news.

The Good news: Pacquiao wins and Efren Penafranca's Hero of the year award.
The Bad news: 57 journalist killed in Mindanao. Sure sign that the election season is upon us all.

All in two weeks alot of things happened.
I have given 2 subjects, only to be reassigned to another subject. In one of the classes that I handled on the first meeting, most of the student clapped their hands upon seeing that I will be their teacher. (mga sipsip? bwahahah)

It was hard adjusting to a teaching load of 8 straight torturous hours. I wanted to give my class the best of my teaching skills with some stand-up comedy routine mixed in the middle. Nothing is as stress killer like seeing my student laugh.

Hopefully my body would have adjusted to the new bio-clock. Still, working at 7 is such a drag even if I wake at 4am since time immemorial.

Long holiday ahead of us, folks! So sleep all you can.

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