Tuesday, June 30, 2009

wakapman: pacquiao superhero

Philippines - when Transformers: revenge of the fallen was shown in theaters it carried a viral trailer for the movie. Wapakman!

The good 30sec. trailer that give absolutely nothing about the movie save for some people being beaten to a pulp. It is reported to have the following cast: Pussy Cat Doll Nichole Scherzingger as the love interest and Dave 'The animal' Batista as arch nemesis.

Feedback was generally positive for trailer of the first international movie to be produced by Manny Pacquaio. As with most boxers who entered showbiz, they become comedians. I am sharing this humorous photoshoped picture of the Pambansang Kamao.

How I wished I had such photoshop skills. I, for one, can't wait to watch this film. If you will watch only one tagalog movie this year?


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