Friday, June 26, 2009


The world mourns the death of a great singer/actor/artist. Michael Jackson.

Despite the child abuse cases, baby displaying sagas of this ubiquitous artist of the 90's.

I found out the news whilst browsing the net on my choppy SE K800i. At first I thought it was RIP: Michael Jordan but after reading it properly it was Jackson, pala!

I read on the ABC News that Madona cried so much hearing the death of the King of pop; for some odd reason I pictured Madonna crying so hard and saying 'OMG, I might be next!'. I reckon I might have been reading too much Pugad Baboy 21 (please buy it and help the fledgling pinoy comic industry.


I now have a blog follower and surprise! It's not my girlfriend or my mom. I would like to give my heartful thank you.

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