Saturday, June 27, 2009

Transformers exhibit

Today I went to SM to watch the GMA Kapamilya day but due to the queue I decided to forgo the original plan and went to see the transformers exhibit for a second time around. Often, I would ask myself what made these toys so attractive to my eyes 25years ago? The toys were obviously old yet kept in pristine condition. The old toys were very much block looking the way th

So clockwise:

Lynx, if I am not mistaken
Various incarnations of the autobot Optimus prime on a shelf.
Custom Protectobot, by Ryan Uybengkee, combined to form by Defensor.

I find it sad they did not have the constructicons generation1 and movie counter-part present nor is their dinobot complete for display except for the fan favorite Grimlock. For a free exhibit, I can not demand too much from them.

Makes me wonder: Are these toy owners the only toy collectors in Cebu? I am sure there is more than meets the eye on the matter. If only SM and toy kingdom, whom presumably sponsored the event, reached out to the many. I hope there will be more toy exhibits like this event.

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