Thursday, April 23, 2009

Student picture: a violation of privacy

As much as I wanted to take pictures of seemingly 'sweet' students, their right of privacy hinders me to upload such picture. After all I would not want to have a student take a picture of me pissing or taking a sh*t.

I apologize to a certain student the word 'shit' is technically not a bad word per se as it is translated to FECES in tagalog 'TAE'.

As fun as teaching is I can not for the record say that all of my students enjoy my class; I was a student after all, who can stomach a person doing a monologue for more than an hour? Due to the nature of my job I have to talk non-stop. This explains why my girl (not a dog) would complain why my voice is so low in volume.

For students of mine, I hope that this blog would bring 'Sir' closer to you and know how he is as a person in hopes of making you say: 'at least this guy has the testicular fortitude to smile'

Smile and the world smiles with you.
-A friendly reminder from the Philippine Mental Institute.

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