Friday, April 24, 2009

Red Mobile: now good for all phones

Early this year I totally cursed Red Mobile; but as of the moment I can no longer complain.

I tried using my Red Mobile Sim on 'dated' Sony Ericsson k800i using the GSM network setting alone. Much to my surprise, it worked! So to be sure I borrowed an old Nokia 1200 from my aunt and tried using the Red Mobile sim. Nokia 1200 is a GSM network phone only with nary a 3G capabilities.

the result Red Mobile still worked. Its a good thing that I didn't throw away the old Red Mobile sim. The only question that remains are the following:

Will I now use Red Mobile as my primary sim?

Would the public now embrace Red Mobile?

How come Red Mobile, as a subsidiary of SMART, never made such announcement?

Php 0.5 text or call for Red to Red Mobile, will the public now switch to Red or will they start 'turning red' literally and figuratively.

Let us wait and see!!

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