Sunday, July 19, 2009

Updates on H1N1 and dengue seminar

The U.V. college of nursing sponsored a seminar on the updates about a(h1n1) and dengue fever. The over capacity crowd at the U.V. Inday Pining Teatro were able to combat those disease through the use of proper information dissemination.

The resource speaker was Dr. Faith Villanueva, if I am not mistaken. I had my students in Polsci 114/8 attend the said activity. The accompanying picture is that of my students who were seated at the back part of the AVR.

Is that for the purpose of being the first to go out once the event has folded up? he he he

BTW for the real origin of A(H1N1) virus kindly view my post last May entitled "Swine Flu: Origins" click here.


  1. sir kumusta na, si Yu ni sir student nimo sa una... ah wa na ka kaila nako tingali.. im here in the seminary..

  2. After almost 7years of teaching, remembering who Yu are is hard for me. I hope you are happily pursuing your dreams and making them come true.