Saturday, July 25, 2009

Prelims: the start of cheating

Prelims are the start of the cheating in every colleges. I do get tired to reminding students that 'God is watching you from a distance'. Maybe it is human nature to do the short cut to things? I will not identify the students in the accompanying photo as such is a common sight to be hold. I will however pray that they would learn the value of honesty.

I have no plans of reporting cheating students to their respective Deans; it would merely be an exercise in futility.

I have never failed a student who gave his best in class even if his best is not the up to par.

On a side note nearly 50% passed the nursing board exam, the top notcher is from Verallo Memorial Foundation! I can hear you ask: 'Where is zat?' its at BOGO, a northern province of Cebu. This proves that urban and rural student are on the same learning plane.

Since my pop hails from Daan Bantayan, the northern most town of Cebu, I wonder if its not too late for me to change careers he he he.

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