Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blood donation

Only 25% of my class are based at the main campus, the other 75% I spend them at the Banilad college of nursing of U.V. When I reminiscence of my early pre-college days, I am amused by the fact that I was not able to enter a pre-med course yet here I am teaching nursing students. Life has some wicked sense of humor.

Today, Red Cross visited U.V. Banilad for a blood letting activity. I would have loved to give my blood but I had made a donation last month so I am precluded to donate until August. I took the liberty to take the photos of these courageous female students. They withstood the prying eyes of their classmate whilst donating. To give you a mental image, imagine all of your classmates peering down on you as if you were some amphibious creature to be dissected.

Despite it all these ladies are heroes in their own right. Willing to sacrifice their blood (not menstrual) for the sake of giving life to their fellowmen. Now, if only I can remember if they were my students. We need more people like them. The picture begs some caption but I am keeping my comic side away. This is their day!

I have no doubt that they will have the best sleep. Sweet dreams are made of these and who am I to disagree?

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