Monday, March 09, 2015

You want to get yoru research published?

Here are my tips

Prepare your manuscript
The manuscript must bear the following
Alignment to the objectives of the journal you are submitting it too
Attach appropriate documents to the appendix: IRB Clearance & Ethical Board Review.
Observe the proper citation as required by the Journal.  It can be Boston, MLA, APA, Turiban.  View this handy guide on different citation stylistics. 

Submit it online.
Various journals now require online submission of abstract, proposals or manuscript.

Prepare for rejection. 
Rejection is a reality.  I submitted a paper to one journal on creative writing and I was given the nicest rejection letter ever.  It stated:
We are sorry to reject your paper but it does not mean it is written poorly, it just did not fit with your journal.
Patience my young, Padawan!
This statement of Master Yoda is very apt.  You will be receiving a litany of changes to be made to your paper once it has been accepted. Revision or major overhaul is enough to make a researcher be depressed but know that these changes will help in the publication of your paper.

In the Journal of Human Resource Sustainability Studies, they required three stages of revision.  So be patient, remember it will make your paper better.

Have an ORCID ID.  Go over to register.  
A unique ORCID ID will give you a unique identity, make sure that once the paper is published remember to add it to your works for your ORCID ID.

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