Sunday, March 01, 2015

My KFC Tabasco review

KFC re-launches its "KFC Co-creations".  Remember that Leslie's Clover chips flavored chicken? Well KFC is at it again, banking on the success of their "double down hot dog".

What do you get? 
Their promo has the following:  
  1. Large coke
  2. Flaming Tabasco (I got Chicken breast part, maybe random?)
  3. Java Rice
  4. Coleslaw

The Tabasco is actually in the breading and not marinated into the chicken.  It is a let down really.  I know some people love to spike the KFC sauce with tabasco (heck I do that a lot) but having it on the breading? It is not a whole lot of fun.  Their java rice has its own unique spin too.  Sliced onions leaves can be seen, it adds a unique aroma to the rice.  The addition of a colesaw serves as a fire extinguisher after downing their "flaming" chicken.  The Large Coke is a good addition though.

Did I find it flaming hot?

For my taste buds, I'd rather prefer the tabasco on the gravy as it has a unique tingle.  The tabasco on the breading serves only as a "flavoring".  The coleslaw is effective to thaw the moderately hot after taste.

I doubt if Usop will find this hot as I didn't.

WARNING: If you have allergies stay away from this.  My allergic rhinitis acted up after eating this.

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