Friday, March 26, 2010

Joliclould pre-beta: review

If you happen to have a laptop, you would be hard pressed to look for a windows alternative OS.  Linux has over 1,000+ distro to choose from ubuntu, openSUSE, linux mint and more.  This review focuses on Jolicloud.

Created by Tariq Krim, which focuses on making a laptop centered linux distro.  Can it compete with Ubuntu Netbook? Easy peasy? read on. 

Test machine: Asus EEEpc 1005ha. 

Most linux distro lack support for various hardwares.  Along comes Jolicloud, at first glance it looks like a ubuntu rip-off, as its based on ubuntu, but it strives to make an OS that is user friendly to those who have never tried linux/ubuntu.  it has the following features:
  • customized for laptops (with over/under clocking options to adjust power consumption)
  • "one click install" for its many app available for free
  • supports 100% of the laptops in the market today. 
  • after a software update it supports almost 100% of the 3G usb modems sold by smart / globe telcom in the Philippines.  
If you never used linux J-cloud is the best distro for you.  It has the simple click and install for that windows feel.  There are many apps available like adobe air, vlc for video, mp3, and possible iphone in the final release.

Making a bootable usb thumb drive is easy in windows.  For Linux users, UNetbootin works very well with jolicloud.

You can install it within Windows (Ubuntu users are snickering as this feature is very common to their releases).  Install takes only 15min as opposed to the movie like install time of Windows.

All devices work out of the box!  Internal mic works great, camera is fantastic though the volume has to be adjusted manually for the hard of hearing (like me).

Like most Linux, this one is FREE.  So between a free OS and a commercial OS, you'd go for the free one right? Windows license does not come cheap today.

  • If you are a linux user, as of now you can download the ISO file via torrent only.  Window users have it easier.
  • Office apps are not built-in as you have to install them one at a time, imagine installing writer, calc and impress.  Although linux master can always use the sudo apt-get command.
As you can see the benefit out weight the negative aspects.

If you are a I.T. student/enthusiast/professional, give j-cloud a try by installing it on top of windows or beside it.  Ubuntu users might have to adjust with the absence of the package/software manager.

Give it a try, and share the free knowledge to all.


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