Sunday, August 03, 2014

Cobra ironman keeps me walking

August 3, 2014 is a day of celebration.

Cebu is host to the World Class sporting event called IRONMAN. Participants to his prestigious event forked an estimate of $200 for the sole right of joining the gruelling trinity of sports: Swimming, Cycling and Running. Cebuanos living/working within Cebu and Lapu-lapu are forced to participate in the walking sessions from the 1st Mactan Bridge to their work places or homes.

There is no doubt that such event contributes to our Tourism industry and commercial activities but the poor working class citizens feel the burden when roads are closed. Commuters can only grind their teeth, curse the organizers in their silent breaths as they walk.

The organizers, to their benefit, did their best by spending money for an information campaign on print media yet it is never enough. Perhaps local government units can provide free rides for the commuting public? Both local governments, as I have observed at six in the morning, are content to just field traffic enforcers to blocked areas.

If Cebu is to move with a first class tourist generating sports activity, we should naturally demand that we be provided with first class community service and sensibility.

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