Monday, June 27, 2011

Gay Marriage in the Philippines

A lot of good google will do to you rather than reading some news.

Last week saw the solemnization of same sex marriages in Baguio by Bp. Richard R. Mickley of the Metropolitan Church Community Philippines (MCC).  I will try my best to be objective in sharing my readings, as opposed to a research, even if I am a devout Roman Catholic.

Bishop Richard R. Mickley has a blog too suffice to say his group isn't affiliated with the Vatican or the Archdiocese of Manila although their office is in Quezon City; they have adopted St. Aelred fo Rievaulx as their saint for Lesbian and Gays.  Incidentally, he is the bishop of Catholic Diocese of one spirit.  the group is in existence since 1991.

What the news tries to block on account of sensationalism is that this group has a freedom of religion, albeit questionable as it runs counter to our traditions and culture which itself becomes part of the law of the land.

If you have seen Br. Richard Mickley's garb, which can be found on his blog.  It raises the following question:

a.  Is the group really Catholic?
Based on their beliefs there are many parallels with Roman Catholicism as well as Greek Orthodox Catholicism but at certain point deviates from both religions.

b.  Is the marriage binding as far as our laws are concerned?
Law students will no doubt have an easy time in answering this question but Philosophy majors will spend more than a year pondering it.

c.  How different are they from Roman Catholicism?

But it can not be denied that they have made history in the Philippines.  They lived their "faith", they acted it on the way they trust it to be.

How about you? Does your faith bear fruit?

This article does not support MCC but it aims to awaken people from the idiocy of labeling something as bad based on pure conjecture or on a faith that they barely understand.  

As I always say in Philosophy classes in U.V.: 
"How can you say that something is bad if you had not tried it?" but then again curiosity killed the cat, satisfaction brought it back!!

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  1. Find the answers on your own. Let me plan the seeds of curiosity and let you be the judge. THE POWER IS YOURS!!!