Monday, October 12, 2009

Feast of the Holy Rosary and funny stuff.

October is the month of the holy rosary and the birth month of the President of U.V.
(yay! Way klase?)

My last post was a total failure. As I forgot to post the link to where the coverage was posted but at least a student managed to post a feedback to inform me about my own stupidity.

A lot of funny stuff happened to me over the weekend to wit:

1. My GF decided to eat calamares at Jonie's Fried Chicken SM yesterday. (thank you for the food, bun!) She decided to get the spicy one, unbeknownst to her it was indeed very hot and spicy so much that she gave most of the calamares to me. Mao na rason why I am very healthy, again thank you bun!

2. I was telling my students how sex is expensive, I was detailing the litany of expenses on the birth of a child when out of the blue a student said 'Sir Mao na rason why wa pa ka minyo?'


I have successfully migrated from Microsoft Windows to UBUNTU 9.04, which is a great open source operating system. Also, I was able to get my gf's ANTIQUE pentium2 333mhz with 256mb ram up and running with ubuntu complete with music and video. Gamit man jud ang facebook sa iya. Maayo pa facebook tanawun niya kada adlaw ako dili hu hu hu

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